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Squirrels are members of the order Rodentia and comprise 50 genera and 273 species that are spread worldwide.

Tree squirrels live mostly in tree nests called dreys, which they build high in the forks of trees. Drays are approximately the size of a football and are made of twigs, leaves or pine needles or grass. Shredded grasses, fresh leaves, moss, and lichens are used to line the inside of the nest. Sometimes tree squirrels may make their nests in a hollow trunk, inhabit a permanent tree den, or take over a rook's nest, constructing a roof over it. Red squirrels in some areas also nest in middens in the ground.

Ground squirrels (like prairie dogs and chipmunks) create underground tunnel systems called burrows, often with multiple entrances and chambers. Some ground squirrels use rocks and shrubs to hide burrow entrances. Ground squirrels use similar materials as tree squirrels to line the subsoil sleeping chambers. Many of the ground dwellers become dormant in winter (hibernate) or summer (estivate).

Most species are primarily vegetarian and are fond of seeds and nuts; some eat insects or supplement their diet with animal protein.
you can usually see them in trees or even running around in the woods. If you want to see one you better go somewhere that is not close to sound, away from any habitation and away from a big lake. You can certainly see them near nut trees.
The neighborhood squirles live in fred's backyard.
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What do squirrels live in?

I usually see squirrels around my neighborhood. They usually look for nuts in my walnut tree. Then, when they have their nuts, they run to my oak tree in my front yard. I say

What does a squirrel live in?

A nest, usually found in a tree or in the branches of a tree. A squirrel lives in a drey. (Drey is the proper term for a squirrels nest of twigs and leaves)

How do squirrels live?

I know how they live but some of the squirrels don't live good too you should give them some peanuts if u see a squirrel in your backyard they try to find food to survive

Where can squirrels live at?

  Squirrels can live in the trees or underground, depending on the species of squirrel.

Where does squirrels live?

Squirrels are considered rodents and can live in almost every  habitat. There are many varieties and can be comfortable in  tropical rainforest to semiarid deserts. They are

Where does the squirrel live?

  different species live in different places.Grey squirrels live in Canada and America.Red squirrels live in places like Europe.Fox squirrels live in Canada too and in oth