Where do the 3 dog Pokemon GO in Pokemon silver?

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Suicune, Raikau, and Entei are constantly moving, so get a Pokemon that uses fly and use your pokedex to track them down (location). If you don't have them on your pokedex, you can trade with a friend to get it on there, on just wander around randomly in the grass, because they appear randomly practically anywhere.
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How do you get The Legendary Dogs in Pokemon Silver?

Well first you have to go threw the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City Second when u get to them they'll run away and after that it will take luck they usually stay around Ecruteak City when u do find them it just a matter of track them down using your PokeDex

Where do the legendary dogs go on Pokemon Silver Version?

They're all running around Johto. If you've seen one, check your pokedex to track it. If not, finding one is all luck. They frequently visit the grass west of Mahogany and the grass east from National Park and south from Ecruteak but, they appear in many places! Hope that helps!!!. By the way, th (MORE)

How do you get the 3 legendary dogs in Pokemon FireRed?

To get a legendary dog, you must first obtain the National Dex. Once you ave it, the dog that appears is determined by your starter. If you chose Charmander (fire), a Suicune will appear. If you chose Squirtle (water) a Raicou (sorry about spelling) will appear. If you chose Bulbasaur (grass) an Ent (MORE)

How do you catch the 3 legendary dogs in pokemon silver?

Their names are Entei and Raikou, and Suicine is caught later There is also Latios in the Kanto region You have to get them down to 1 HP (false swipe is a good TM, as it always leaves the pokemon with 1 HP ) Then throw pokeballs at it. Ultra and Heavy work well. Dusk works at night, the Masterbal (MORE)

Where To Find The 3 Legendary Dogs In Pokemon Silver?

After waking them in Ecruteak City they will run off, it's then a case of being lucky to encounter them as you travel through Johto. Once you encounter one of the dogs you will be able to track them in your Pokedex. Don't try to enter the exact route they're on as they will flee the moment you enter (MORE)

Where do you catch legendary dogs in Pokemon silver?

Entei, raikou, and suicune wander the map randomly after you spook them out of the Burned Tower. If you encounter one and it runs away, you can check it's pokedex entry to see where it went -- be careful, they move every time you change which area you're in.

Can you go to Cerulean cave on Pokemon Silver?

nope, all that's left is a blank wall, apparently it caved in. but there is no way that I know of to find a mewtwo or a mew in Pokemon silver without pumping it full of cheat codes.

Where our three dogs on Pokemon Silver?

If you have already freed them, then you just have to look around. They roam around to different routes, so you must run into them by chance. Once you encounter them, I would suggest running away, because then you can track them by going to your pokedex, going to that dog's entry, and clicking on th (MORE)

Can you get the 3 legendairy Pokemon dogs on Pokemon ruby?

There are a lot of ways. I will only show you some though:. Put them to sleep (using yawn or sleep powder). paralize them (stun spore). Freeze them (don't freeze Entei it won't work, blizzard and other ice attacks). Get action replay for Gameboy and get master ball code. get the "Get Any Pokemo (MORE)

How do you get the 3 legendary dogs on Pokemon?

There are a couple ways. In the johto region (G/S/C or HG/SS) They wander around after discovering them in Ecruteak, but not Suicune, you have to find Suicune multiple times at certain locations and eventually, you will find it and get to battle it. in HG/SS, you battle it at the little hill next to (MORE)

What is the way to catch all 3 dogs in Pokemon silver?

\nFirst, you have to have at least gotten accuse to Ecruteak City.\n. \nSecond, you have to have rock smash(after you clear the Suduwodo you talk to the fat guy to the right -->).\n. \nThird, go to the burned tower in Ecruteak in the North West corner of the city.\n. \nForth, defeat your rival an (MORE)

How do you catch the 3 legendary dog of Pokemon silver?

first get rock smash then go to the burned tower in ecruteak city. to to the middle then go near in the 3 petrified Pokemon in the center. then search. to catch suicune you will talk to it somewhere in johto and the other two is wild.(raikou and Entei) I won't tell you where they are! but if you (MORE)

Where do you go after the eight badge in Pokemon silver?

you go to New Bark City and go all the way east. You should see some water and then just surf your way to some land until you see a cave. Just make sure you have HM07 or waterfall. your going to need it. Then that should lead you to the elite 4.

How do you get the 3 legendary dogs in Pokemon platinum?

hey no problem the Us English Code Rite here 94000130 fdff0000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 d9000000 00111d10 c0000000 0000000c dc000000 00000004 d6000000 000233e8 d1000000 00000000 c0000000 0000000a d6000000 000233e8 d2000000 00000000 94000130 feff0000 62101d40 000 (MORE)

How go to leader sixth Pokemon silver?

There is a lighthouse in the 6th GYM city. Work your way to the top and speak to the girl next to the pokemon. She will ask you to go to the 5th GYM city and get the secret potion from the pharmacy. Take it back and the Girl will return to her GYM, where you can battle her.. PS She is a steel type. (MORE)

Where do the legendary dogs go on pokemon gold?

They go randomly from one town to another. You'll need luck to fall on them. I saw Entei in the first grass that we go at the start of the game. I also saw Suicuine in the ocean between Cianwood city and the whirls island. Finally, I encountered Raikou between Ecruteak and Olivine.

How do you catch the dog Pokemon in silver?

Those dogs are legendary Pokemon. They are Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. You have to search everywhere for them. If you fly they will go somewhere else. My advice is to walk so they won't go away. They will only be in the Johto region. You have to win at least one Pokemon League to see them.

What do you do after going to mt silver in Pokemon soul silver?

in saffron city there is a pink house and go up stairs and talk to the little girl. she says that she lost her stuffed Pokemon. then go to vermilion city and there is a house with 3 circles on the door. go in and talk to a fat guy. he gives you a stuffed Pokemon and then go back to the little girl a (MORE)

In Pokemon soul silver where you go to find the Pokemon league?

Well the Pokemon league is in the Indigo Plateau. Of course you need all 8 badges. You get to the end of Victory Road. But before that your rival challenges you to a battle. Beat him and you will pass Victory road. You will then be at the Pokemon league. p.s the types are (4 the elite 4) psychic, po (MORE)

Can you catch all 3 dog Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?

Yes. You must first catch Entei & Raikou so you can catch Suicune. But first you have to see suicune in five different places these are, burt building (where you meet him), cainwood island (north of the island), mt. mortar (below the middle entrance), viridian city (board walk), route ?? (nea (MORE)

Where to go to get silver wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

HOW TO GET THE SILVER WING IN SOULSILVER- you have to defeat Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Underground/Radio Tower (if you have trouble with that look up serebii . net ) HOW TO GET THE RAINBOW WING IN HEARTGOLD- you have to defeat Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Underground/Radio Tower (if you h (MORE)

On Pokemon silver can you go to Kanto and johto?

yes. you're from johto, when you beat the elite 4 and become champion, you will be transport to your home and then talk to prof. elm. he give you a ss ticket ship. so after that you go to olivine city and then there's a harbor below. go there and take the ship. when you're in the ship, find the lack (MORE)

How do you make a Pokemon Silver go to emerld?

from the G/S/C series I don't thinkyou can transfer the Pokemon from 2nd gen to 3rd but you can make the Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald go to HG/SS with the pal park in Fuschia City. I never learned how to spell that. Hopefully it helps.

How do you go Kanto at Pokemon soul silver?

Get all Johto badges.Then go to beat the kamano girls .Then go back to your hometown talk to the professor he'll give you a masterball then go to whirl island talk to the kamano girls then capture Lugia.(I'm sorry I can't tell you which island because I don't remember but the best thing to do to kno (MORE)

How do you go to mt silver on Pokemon soul silver?

You must beat the game by getting all 8 badges then you have to beat the elite four and then the champion, Lance. After that go get all 8 Kanto badges and beat the elite four and the champion again. Then prof. Oak will see you are strong and allow you to go to mt. silver.

Where can you go in Pokemon soul silver to nickname your Pokemon?

You go to Goldenrod city. Since it is kinda hard to tell where he is exactly, I'll just say he's at the northern part of town. If you can't find him just look in every building there. He is an old man, with two crystal balls on a table. If I'm not mistaken, I think there is a dude just like him in L (MORE)

Where to catch legendary dogs in Pokemon silver?

Well there isn't a specific place but they roam around jhoto and look at you pokegear map and the will appear but the might not be there once you fly or walk to the place. And also same for latios and latias you can only get latias in heart gold and latios in soul silver