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Marathifanbook (link below) is the Marathi Facebook.
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How do you write in marathi in Facebook?

www.marathiplus.in मराठीप्लस आपल मराठी फेसबुक तुमच्या आयुष्यात मराठी माणसे प

How do you write the message in Marathi on Facebook?

(You will need to download and install a font required for this message.) मित्रानो, फेसबुक सोशल नेटवर्क स्टेटस

How do you type marathi on facebook?

According to other members, you will need to download and install a font. Please see the related links and questions below for more information.

Where can one find more information about Marathi Kavita?

There are many websites featuring Marathi Kavita or Marathi poems. They include Chitra Kavita and Marathi Kavita, as well as Marahti Imati. Some sites will require translation

Where can one find an English Marathi dictionary?

If one is interested in purchasing a paperback copy of an English to Marathi dictionary, one can do so online at the Amazon website. Alternatively, one could download a soft c

Where can you find information about water pollution in Marathi language?

Water pollution Solid Waste in Lake Maracaibo. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g. lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater). Water pollution oc

Where are you from in marathi?

"tu kuthun aahes" is the marathi translation. Marathi is a regionallanguage spoken in Maharshtra.
In Marathi

How are you in marathi?

Tu kasaa aahes - For male - younger to you or of your age (basically within friends and siblings)  Tumhi kase aahaat - For male or female - Older to you  Tu kashi aahes - Fo