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Where do you get waterfall in Pokemon Pearl?

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when you get into sunnyshore go to the small "beach" north of town and talk to the girl/woman, and she will give it to you! the woman should be jasmine. the steel gym leader of the old Johto league. she's pretty and smart =]
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How do you get the move Waterfall in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

First, go to Sunyshore City. Then, an Elite Four member named Flint will come up to you and tell you about how the Gym Leader hasn't a very good battle in a long time. Flint w

Where is the HM waterfall in Pokemon black?

You have to go to route 18. When you see the house by the female backpacker, go left past her. Then go down and a sage will be on the shore when you go down there. You will se

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get waterfall?

To get Waterfall, you have to defeat the seventh gym. Then, you go into the Ice Path east of Mahogany. A guy will talk to you and give you Waterfall in that path.

How do you get the HM for Waterfall in Pokemon Gold?

to get the HM waterfall on Pokemon gold you go to ice path. thenyou pick up every single pokeball in there and 1 of them will be waterfall    There is an easyer way to get

How do you get waterfall in Pokemon Black and White?

in undella city in front of the first house to the right is a girl she gives you waterfall Actually, she gives you dive. It is on route 18. You'll find it there. And its e

How do you get to the waterfall in mt coronet in Pokemon pearl?

First, you will need Surf, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb (and Waterfall if you want to climb the waterfall). Enter Mt. Coronet from the Hearthome City or Oreburgh City side. Make

How do you get HM waterfall in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the ice cave beat Clair in blackthorn cityto use it to find it go to the ice cave and a guy will ask to retrive his lost item it will be waterfall he will then give it to y

How do you get up waterfalls in Pokemon Sapphire?

  If you're in the middle of the game, then there's no point trying to get up them. The 8th gym badge will enable you to use the HM move, Waterfall, on the field. Then you