Where do you get waterfall in Pokemon Pearl?

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when you get into sunnyshore go to the small "beach" north of town and talk to the girl/woman, and she will give it to you! the woman should be jasmine. the steel gym leader of the old Johto league. she's pretty and smart =]
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How do you get the move Waterfall in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

First, go to Sunyshore City. Then, an Elite Four member named Flint will come up to you and tell you about how the Gym Leader hasn't a very good battle in a long time. Flint w

Where do you find waterfall in Pokemon pearl?

Once you beat sunshore gym leader you can get it from the girl on the way to Pokemon league. P.S If you are going to go to the Pokemon league you will also need SURF . GOOD L

In Pokemon Pearl how do you get the HM waterfall?

I think you get it in Sunnyshore City from Jasmine at the top edge of town. If she doesn't give it to you, I'm still sure it's somewhere in Sunnyshore.. you have to beat the

How do you get to the waterfall in mt coronet in Pokemon pearl?

First, you will need Surf, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb (and Waterfall if you want to climb the waterfall). Enter Mt. Coronet from the Hearthome City or Oreburgh City side. Make