Where does manu feildel live?

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Manu Feildel is a famous French chef who owns a restaurant called L'Etoile. He is currently living in Paris, France.
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Where do manus masked owls live?

The Manus masked owl is believed to be extinct. It was only ever known on Manus Island in the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea, and on the nearby islands of Mussau and Ne

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Short for Manchester United a club playing in the Barclys premier league and also in the Champions league.

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manus . 1. The distal part of the arm, including the carpus, metacarpus, and digits. 2. The hand.

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this just tells you all about it: Manus Island tree-snail Papuina pulcherrima The Manus Island tree-snail eats mainly detritus or fungi and lichens growing on the
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How old is manu feildel?

Manu Feidel is 38 years old and I know him from my school years in France. I don`t know if he can remember me though
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What does manu mean in manu Samoa?

Manu is Animal in English. In the name Manu Samoa, I can only surmise that Manu is used to describe the Team as Warriors with strength, power and fearlessness in them. Manu Sa