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Where does the thoracic duct of the lymph system drain into?

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The long thoracic duct begins at the cysterna chyli and continues superiorly to drain the lymph from the legs, abdomen, left arm, and left side of the thorax, neck, and head into the left subclavian vein, then on to its juncture with an internal jugular vein to drain lymph into venous blood
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What part of the body is drained by the thoracic duct and the right lymphatic duct?

All the body's lymphatic vessels (except the those in the right part of the torso, the right arm, and the right side of the neck and head) the drain lymphatic fluid that is co

Does thoracic duct drain into left subclavian or right subclavial?

  The Thoracic Duct drains into the Left subclavian vein. Worth noting is there is a Right lymphatic duct which drains the lymph fluid from the right arm and the right s