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What is the grove at ole miss?

"The Grove" is a green space on the campus of the University of Mississippi. During most of the week, it is a quiet place known for its natural beauty where students sometime

Why is Miss University called Ole Miss?

The University got its nickname "Ole Miss" via a contest in 1897. That same year, the student yearbook was being published for the first time. As a way to find a name for the

Where is Ole Miss University located?

Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) is located in, or conjoined with the city of Oxford, Mississippi. It is located roughly 25 miles East of Batesville, MS, and 50 miles West

Does ole miss have wrestling?

Ole Miss had a wrestling team in the 1970's. Nelson Neal, who had been an assistant at Wisconsin was the Head Coach. This was under the short and stormy reign of Bruiser Kin

What ACT score do you need to get into Ole Miss?

If you are a resident of Mississippi and... you have a 3.20 GPA or higher, you do not need to submit an ACT score.you have a 2.50 GPA or higher or are in the top 50% of your

Where did the name Ole Miss come from?

The university of Mississippi got the name Ole Miss via contest  that was held for the yearbook in 1897. The term actually refers to  a label that was used by slaves for the

How did ole miss get its name?

It came from the African name of a native tree of Mississippi, Missakulanta. Slaves would call the trees "Ole Miss" because they seemed to survive droughts better than other t

Where did Ole Miss get its school colors?

The University of Mississippi sports teams were renamed the Rebels  in 1936, but are affectionately known as "Ole Miss". The school's  colorswere adopted in 1893 and are Car