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The Rock is now starring in many movies, and unlike many superstars he is a good actor. Not saying that Stone Cold Steve Austin's movie isn't good because I like his movie, but it's not as good as The Rock's movie.
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Where is the rock of Gibraltar located?

Gibraltar is at the southern tip of Spain, about 8 miles from North Africa. It is separated from Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar.  

Why is igneous rocks the oldest rock?

Igneous rock is volcanic. Earth had volcanoes - lots of volcanoes - long before it had appreciable water. Water is necessary for sedimentary rocks, and sedimentary rocks are n

What is a rock?

A rock is a bundle of minerals as a solid;   A rock is any solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter that occurs naturally as part of our planet.    The official de

Who is the rock?

Dwayne Johnson former WWE Big star and he currently is in the show business movies rock but everyone wishes the rock comes back so rock PLEASE COME he hold the record for the

What are rocks?

Answer. Rocks are non-living solid objects, formed by nature, composed of a mineral or minerals.

Where is the rock tunnel in firered?

After getting HM1 CUT go east of cerulean city and cut down the tree, continue east and eventually find a cave that is rock tunnel.

Where is the rock and roll hall of fame located?

Cleveland, Ohio The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame houses images and stories of all of the most well-known singers and bands in the musical genre. It is located in Cleveland, Ohio

What type of rock is organic rock?

An Organic rock is an Sedimentary rock and it is made in the ocean from calcium and other minerals building up on the ocean floor :)

Where is the rock Cumberlandite found?

Cumberlandite is the U.S. state of Rhode Island's state rock. It is only found in large concentrations on a 4-acre (16,000 m2) lot in Blackstone Valley, Cumberland, and in tra
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What is sedimentary rock in the rock cycle?

Sedimentary rock is basically rock formed from cemented particles of weathered and eroded rocks of all three rock types. There are exceptions, however.