Where is a list of retiree's from Miami Florida?

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Surely you jest, for such a list would number in the thousands. You might make a try for such a list under the Freedom of Information Act throughh the Social Security, DOD and the US Census, but it is unlikely that it would be provided.
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Is Florida in Miami?

No , the city of Miami is in the state of Florida within the United States. You had it backwards.

Is Miami Florida the?

it say what the THE was so you cant answer it and the answer is maybe or maybe or maybe not

How far is it from Miami Florida to Sunrise Florida?

There are two towns in Florida named Sunrise and the closest one to Miami is west of Fort Lauderdale and about 33 miles from Miami. The second Sunrise is on the Gulf Coast
In Florida

Is Miami in Florida?

Yes Florida is in Miami. In fact it is one of the largest cities their. I have a state report project on Florida, it says Florida is in Miami. So you were probably right the w

How would one find a listing of real estate in Miami Florida?

Listings for real estate in Miami, Florida can be found numerous ways. Visiting real estate companies official website will offer properties that are available and on the mark