Where is the fuse panel box on a 1959 Ford Thunderbird?

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There is no fuse box in a 59 bird. Some of the electrical components have in line fuses such as the clock and the radio. There are two fuses located on the back of the light switch, one is interior light and the other is for turn signals. Others systems, power windows for example have a circuit breaker in the ground wire from each window motor. You can find/buy shop manuals and wire diagrams on-line that will help locate fuses and breakers. I am currently working on a 59 and finding all the breakers and fuses is a bit of a challange without documentation.
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Where is the fuse box on a 1981 Ford Thunderbird?

it is under the plastic panel that is kind of horshoe shaped unter the steering column. the fuse box is to the left side immediately under the column. any further questions a (MORE)