Where is the thermal time relay?

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On a bosch CIS or CIS E fuel injection system there is a thermal time switch located on the engine upper radiator coolant hos at the head. This device controls the cold start injector timedto engine temperature, cold engine up to about 10 seconds of injection, hot engine 1 or 2 seconds of injection. This switch is used on many European models (VW, MB, etc.) Since you did not provide a make, year and model of the vehicle this is only a guess.
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What is thermal overload relay?

the relay used to protect the generator/motor from overload currents. And to protect insulation of the stator windings.

Where are timing marks on citroen relay?

They dont have them. There are special tools to lock all timed pulleys ie crank/camin place, as it is a floating crank.. You can of course make your own marks, but it is not

How do you check tripping of thermal overload relay?

there is a bi metalic strip is thre in thermal overload relay so when the currtent is high then its settings so that strip bend due to thermal and it touches the other side of

What is a thermal overload relay?

A thermal overload ralay is a device to protect an electrical device like a motor/generator from catching fire/burning out due to excessive heat produced during operation. The

How does a thermal relay works?

The bimetallic thermal relay consists of a small bimetallic strip that is heated by an element connected in series with the supply. When the current rises above a preset value

Where is the thermal relay located?

This type of relay is usually located where a overheat could damage a component. Now if I knew the make model year engine and component being protected I may be able to answer

What is thermal relaxation time?

As the data obtained from the medical centres says that the time it takes for an object to cool down from 100º C to 50ºC. It is a rule that a smaller object cools faster

What is your 4X100 relay time?

59 seconds. It's not great, but im 13. We had the two fastest people in our class for our track unit, me and some other guy. I had leg #1 and he had leg #4. My time is 14.6 se

How do you test motor thermal protection relay?

The thermistor motor protection relays CM-MSE, CM-MSS and CM-MSN are used to control motors equipped with PTC temperature sensors. The PTC temperature sensors are incorporated