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Your appendix is at the Ileocecul junction, which is where the ileum from your small intestine and the cecum from your colon meet. It is located on the right lower quadrant of your abdomen.

The appendix is located at the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and it is connected to the cecum which is part of the large intestine. The cecum is a pouch at the beginning of the large intestine and not the end, the end is the anus.

There have been some cases where the location has been more mid-abdomen, which can cause dangerous delays in diagnosis.
The appendix is usually located in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, near the right hip bone.
Its position within the abdomen corresponds to a point on the surface known as McBurney's point.

While the base of the appendix is at a fairly constant location, 2 cm below the ileocecal valve,
the location of the tip of the appendix can vary from being retrocecal (behind the cecum) (74%) to being in the pelvis to being extraperitoneal (occurring or located outside the peritoneal cavity).
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Where does your appendix?

Appendix is in right lower qudarnt of the abdomen near right hip bone.