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A pulse can be found where and artery passes over a bone, for example, in your wrist (also known as the radial pulse).
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To pulse painfully?


What does the pulse indicate?

  The pulse indicates the number of times per minute that your heart contracts and pumps blood around your body.

What is pulse oximetry?

Pulse oximetry is the procedure for measuring oxygen saturation or  level of oxygen in the blood. It is non-invasive and painless.

In music what is pulse?

In music, the pulse is the beat or groove of a piece of music. In popular music it is usually derived from the bass or drums, but not always. The pulse is what makes you bob y

Is sesame a pulse?

no, it is a GRAIN/seed!

What is apical pulse?

The pulse at your heart

What are pulses?

    Answer       Pulses are important food crops due to their high protein and essential amino acid content.     BEANS (pulses)     Pigeon

What does PULSE stand for in pulse polio?

PULSE POLIO= post rescucitation and initial utility in life saving efforts

Does the brain pulse?

Yes, it blood is flowing through it, it will pulse.

What is an apical pulse?

An apical pulse is a pulse taken in the 4th or 5th left intercostal space directly over the apex of the heart. The apical pulse can be auscultated or (in most patients) palpat

Were is a rabbit's pulse?

The rabbits pulse is easiest found on the central artery in the rabbits ear but can also be found on the rabbits femeral artery. good luck trying to take it my rabbits beats t

What can you do for a pulse raiser?

in pulse raiser you can do running and sprinting. These things will pump your blood around the body.

Why do you have a pulse?

We have a pulse because every time the heart beats, it makes a pulse. So when you can't feel your pulse it means your heart has stopped beating.

What is pulsed transformer?

/ | Pulse Transformer Operating Principles / Quote Request / / 8 Operating Principles / Magnetizing (No-Load) Current / Voltage Droop / Voltage-Time Product / Ki