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Where to go to get the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

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First get a national dex .( beat the league and make your pokedex 60 minimum . Then go meet oak . )
Then go talk to Celio in one island in the Pokemon center .
Then go to Mt. Ember and beat the rockets .
Pass the maze in the cave and GET THE RUBY .
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What island is the ruby on in pokemon firered?

The ruby is found on Island One, in Mt. Ember . Right when you enter Mt. Ember which is all the way to the north on One Island, go to the right and you will see two Team Ro

How do you get the ruby crystal on Pokemon FireRed?

You must beat the elite four and catch sixty pokemon. Then get your national dex from professor oak. After that go to one island and talk to Cleo who will tell you about his p

How do get the ruby gem in Pokemon FireRed?

after you beat the league go and talk to celio... he'll ask you for the ruby... go to mt ember and go left just after you enter. two rockets will be there. fight them and they

Where are the ruby and sapphire in Pokemon Firered version?

  To find the Ruby, beat the Pokemon League and obtain the National Pokedex. Then head out to One Island and talk to Celio. He will tell you to find a gem that is hidden s

How do you find the second ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

Firstly, go to Six Island and work your way through the Hikers and  Pokemaniacs to the dotted hole (you'll require a Pokemon with cut  to open the dotted hole). Then once in

Where do you go to get the 8 badge on Pokemon firered?

Where to get the 8th Gym BadgeYou have to go to the gym in Viridian City. It will now be unlocked. The 8th gym leader is Giovanni of Team Rocket. He has some high lvled pokemo

How do you get a Ruby gem in Pokemon FireRed?

  1. Go to island one and talk to Celio(In the pokecenter), he will tell you he needs a ruby for the network machine.   2. Leave the poke center and go to the beach. Su

What is the best team in Pokemon FireRed and Ruby?

I think that the best team for fire red is : Jolteon: Thunderbolt Thunder Dig Double Kick Venusaur: Frenzy Plant Giga Drain Sludge Bomb Rest Omastar: Ice Beam Surf Bite

Can you go to other regions in Pokemon firered?

If your referring to Jhoto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh then no. But you can go to 7 Islands(9 if you have certain items from Nintendo Events). You can get to the first 3 after you beat