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The Opus Movie website - www.TheOpusMovie.com has a list of venue and countries where the film will be shown under the events section. The first premiere screening is in Los angeles March 19, 2008 with screenings to follow at other locations through out the world. Visionboardsite.com in Scottsdale AZ will be launching its first series of Music, Motivation and a Makeover with The Opus Movie as its feature. Many members of the cast and crew will be present at the different events including many that were featured in The Secret and also the producer, Achievement expert, Douglas Vermeeren. the tickets for the events are also available on the website www.theopusmovie.com. I have heard rumors that not all Opus speakers will be at each of the events. I have also seen a blog which stated that the Oprah Winfrey show will be showing parts of the film on her show shortly after the release. By the way...the movie is now available to purchase on the the Opus Movie website!
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