Which Midwestern state became the 19th state of the United States?

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What is the climate like in the midwestern part of the United States of America?

Answer . Midwest - Iowa - Nebraska- Most winters are very cold They start mostly after Thanksgiving, but a bad year can start in October. January can have 2 weeks below zer

Who was the 19th President of the United States?

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was the 19th President of theUnited States. Hayes (October 4, 1822 - January 17, 1893) was anAmerican politician, lawyer, and military leader. He wa

What are the midwestern states?

The Midwestern states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio, NorthDakota, and South Dakota.
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What presidents are from a midwestern state?

From Ohio: William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, JamesGarfield, William McKinley, William Howard Taft and Warren Harding. From Indiana: Benjamin Harrison. From Iowa: He