Which Sony battery works best with Sony Cybershot DSC-T200?

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Why limit yourself to a Sony battery? The stock NP-FD1 is a good lithium-ion battery. But if you think Sony makes these power cells, you're dreaming. Sony has them manufactured for them. And the companies (there aren't many) that make the Sony OEM units, the Canon OEM units, etc., make all the generic knock-offs. All of them. When you're dropping $40 to $50 on a battery, if you can get a lithium-ion battery that is a direct replacement for the Sony OEM, why not go with the "brand x" unit? In any fair test of performance, it will be extremely difficult to tell the difference. The primary difference between the "off brand" and the Sony is the wrapper and the label. Oh, and the price....
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Can you put music in the Sony cybershot?

Yes you can.Well first of all you need the UBS cable that came with your Sony Cybershot. Connect it to your computer.Then, open any program that you know will support you Son

What is the difference between the Sony cybershot dsc-t90 and t900?

"The most visible difference between the two models is the touch-screen display: the pricier T900 ($379) offers a 3.5-inch LCD with 921,000-dot resolution, the T90 ($299) a mo

What is the price of Sony cybershot?

It really depends in which model you're looking for as well as which store your looking at. If you're talking Best Buy, then the price will range from about $100 to about $350
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Does the Sony cybershot come with the battery charger?

I have wondered the same thing. I purchased this camera awhile ago and was so excited to use it, I didn't notice if one came in the box...months later I went to Hawaii and rea
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Where can one purchase a Sony cybershot?

A consumer can purchase a Sony Cybershot digital camera at any major retail outlet that sells photography equipment and accessories. Outlets such as Walmart, Best Buy, Kmart,