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Which life insurance co took over Superior life life insurance company in Philadelphia?

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settlers life insurance company
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Which insurance company took over Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Company?

'Cosmopolitan Life Insurance Company' was sold to: Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company 1565 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC 29407 Telephone: 843.763.8680 Toll Free:

Who took over the independent life and insurance company in jacksonville Florida?

Independent Life of Jacksonville, FL was taken over by AIG. No Life Insurance company ever completely go out of business but rather is assumed or merged with another Life Insu

How does insurance company benefit from life insurance?

As with any kind of insurance, the insurance company benefits by distributing risk according to statistical models, finding out how much it would cost them to pay out claims a

Which insurance company took over the new south life insurance company?

New South Life Insurance was acquired by Liberty National Life Insurance Company, PO Box 2612, Birmingham, AL 35202 - Phone 800-318-4542 or 205-325-4979. They were able to loc

Which insurance company took over Atlantic Life Insurance Company of Richmond Virginia?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state,  it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company  is sold, then it must notify the Dept

What company took over Montgomery wards life insurance?

Montgomery Ward Life Insurance merged into Union Fidelity Life in  1999. The phone number you can call during working hours is  1-800-621-0393. They are located at 200 North