Who are awadhiya kurmis?

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Awadhiya Kurmi are Hindu subcaste of the Kurmi who are descendants of the mythological Suryavanshi (Solar) dynasty and direct decendents of Lav son of Sri Ram. Known as Ayodhya Kurmi they are highest ranked sub caste of kurmi. They are also called Awadhwanshi kshatriya.
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What is katiyar kurmi?

They are those suryavanshi kshatriya kurmis,who served as sardar inthe troops of Chhatrapati shivaji & other kings.They havedirect blood relation with lord ram's son luv.

Is raghuvanshi's are kurmis who claim to be rajput?

History of Raghuvanshi's in M.P - Raghuvanshi's in M.P are the Rajput's who migrated from U.P Awadh area. During Muslim reign, there were religious conversions going on (i.e around some 500 years back). The Raghuvanshi's in awadh were defeated by muslims. In order to avaoid conversion, they left th (MORE)

Is shivaji kurmi?

Yes he was a kurmi.And this is also correct that he was 8thgeneration gehlot sisodia rajput from chittour.Kurmis are ancientvedic kshatriya who abdandoned fighting due to lack of opportunityin military services.

What is kurmi?

Kurmi caste are basically farmers, main occupation farming. Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahraj and Chhatrapati sahu ji Maharaj are kshatriya Gahlot(Sisodia) Rajput Belong to Chittorgarh

Where is origin of kurmi?

They are direct descendents of suryavanshi king lord ram.They leftwarriorship and started land related things when jobs in militaryservices degraded to a great level.