Who are the top Defenders scoring in the premiership?

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Who has scored for 6 different premiership clubs?

Andy Cole - Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City & Portsmouth.. Nick Barmby - Tottenham, Middlesbrough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds United, Hull City. Marcus Bent - Blackburn, Ipswich, Leicester, Everton, Charlton, Wign. Les Ferdinand - QPR, Newcastle, West Ham, Tottenham, Leicester, Bol (MORE)

Who are the top scorers in English Premiership football?

There are only a few premiership players to have scored over a hundred goals, and the highest goal scorer of all time is Alan Shearer, followed by Andy Cole, Henry, Fowler, Les Ferdinand, Teddy, Hasselbaink, Owen Yorke, and Wright. I believe this to be the case.

Who was the Oldest player to score in the premiership?

On 26 December 2006, at the age of 40 years and 266 days, Teddy Sheringham beat his own record for oldest Premiership scorer, with the goal in a 2-1 defeat to Portsmouth.. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teddy_Sheringham

Who are the top ten on appearances in the English premiership?

As at the beginning of the 2008-09 season: 1. Gary Speed 535 2. David James 511* 3. Ryan Giggs 495* 4. Sol Campbell 453* 5. Alan Shearer 441 6. Gareth Southgate 426 7. Teddy Sheringham 418 8. Andy Cole 414 9. Emile Heskey 404* 10=. Paul Scholes 395* 10=. Frank Lampard 395* (MORE)

Top 5 appearances in the English premiership?

The top five for appearances in the English Premier League are; David James 556 games, Gary Speed 535 games, Ryan Giggs 530 games, Sol Campbell 485 games and Emile Heskey 444 games. . As of October 20th 2009 for up-to-date stats visit www.premierleague.com

Who scored the most goals in premiership football?

Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer are still tied for the record for scoring the most goals in one season. Cole reached his record in the '94 season and Shearer followed the following season to tie the record in '95.

Who the top 10 defenders are?

1. John Terry 2. Carles Puyol 3. Rio Ferdinand 4. Fabio Cannavaro 5. Alessandro Nesta 6. Lucio 7. Georgio Chiellini 8. Roberto Ayala 9. Lilian Thuram 10. Mertesacker

What players have scored for six premiership clubs?

Which 4 players have scored fo 6 premier league clubs ? Craig bellamy - (coventry, Newcastle, blackburn, Liverpool, west ham and man city) les Ferdinand - (queens park rangers, Newcastle, tottenham, west ham, leicester and Bolton) Andy cole - (Newcastle, man utd, blackburn, fulham, man city and Port (MORE)

Who scored the top 5 fastest premiership goals?

Eddie King - West Brom V West Ham 4.01 secs. Ray Stewart - Arsenal V Portsmouth 5.21 secs. Reggie Vswqych - Chelsea V Spurrs 5.33 secs. Earl Bracker - Man Utd V Man City 5mins 33secs. Flavio Del Bosque - Swindon Town V Nottm Forrest 15mins 45secs

Who has scored premiership goals for 6 different premiership clubs?

As at 6th Feb 2009 there are 5 players:. Nick Barmby - Tottenham, Middlesborough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds & Hull Craig Bellamy - Coventry, Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham, Man City Marcus Bent - Blackburn, Ipswich, Leicester(Loan), Everton, Charlton & Wigan(Loan) Andy Cole - Newca (MORE)

Who Scored The 5000th Premiership Goal?

Goals 4999 and 5000 in the English Premier League are registered to have occurred at the same time - the joint honour goes to Andy Townsend, playing for Aston Villa against Southampton, and Chris Sutton, playing for Blackburn Rovers against Leicester City - on Saturday December 7, 1996.

Top 10 defenders in the premiership?

The top 10 defenders in England are Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Bosingwa , Jammie Carraigher, Ricardo Carvalho, Lescott, Matthew Upson , Tony Adams Martin Keown.

Top defenders in premier league?

1.Rio Ferdinand 2.Patrice Evra 3.Jamie Carragher 4.Nemanja Vidic 5.John Terry 6.Michael Essien 7.Ashley Cole 8.Gary Neville 9.Glen Johnson 10.Fabio Aurelio

Which goalkeepers have scored a premiership goal?

Peter Schmeichel (Everton 3-2 Aston Villa , 20 October, 2001) . Brad Friedel (Charlton Athletic 3-2 Blackburn Rovers , 21 February, 2004) . Paul Robinson ( Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Watford, 17 March, 2007)

What scottish players scored hatricks in premiership?

John Henrie (Middlesbrough) vs Blackburn Rovers 5/12/1992, Gordon Strachan (Leeds United) vs Blackburn Rovers 10/4/1993, Gary McAllister (Leeds United) vs Coventry City 28/10/1995, Kevin Gallacher (Blackburn Rovers) vs Wimbledon 15/3/1997 and vs Aston Villa 17/1/1998 and Duncan Ferguson (E (MORE)

In 1998 who scored hat trick in premiership?

In 1998 a total of 11 hat-tricks were scored in the English Premier League; Kevin Gallacher (Scotland, Blackburn Rovers) vs Aston Villa 17/1/1998, Michael Owen (England, Liverpool) vs Sheffield Wednesday 14/2/1998, vs Newcastle United 30/8/1998 and vs Nottingham Forest 24/10/1998, Chris Sutto (MORE)

Who has have scored for 6 premiership teams?

Only 5 players have scored a goal for six different clubs in the Premier League; Andy Cole (Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and Sunderland) , Nicky Barmby (Tottenham Hotspur, Middlesborough, Everton, Liverpool, Leeds United and Hull Ci (MORE)

How many premiership goals has Gerrard scored?

Including today's (Sunday November 29, 2009) match against Everton F.C., Steven Gerrard has played made 319 starts and 25 substitute appearances in the Premier League. He has scored 75 goals in the Premier League, his first coming in a 4 - 1 victory over Sheffield Wednesday on December 5, 1999.

Who was the the first Dutchman to score in the premiership?

I don't know the exact answer but I can try and narrow it down to three players for you: Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal) Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (First Premier League Club was Leeds United) Pierre Van Hooijdonk (First PM Club was Nottingham Forest)

Who has scored most premiership goals from a to z?

Anelka. Beattie. Cole. Dublin. Euell. Fowler. Giggs. Henry. Ince. Johnson. Keane. Lampard. McAllister. Nolan. Owen. Phillips. Quinn. Rooney. Shearer. Torres. Unsworth. Van Nistelrooy. Wright. Xavier. Yorke. Zola.

Who are the top ten premiership earners?

1. Wayne Rooney - 250k a week 2. Yaya toure - 225k a week 3. Carlos tevez - 200k a week 4. Fernando Torres - 190k a week 5. Cesc Fabregas - 150k a week 6. Didier Drogba - 130k a week 7.Dimitar Berbatov - 130k a week 8. John Terry - 120k a week 9.Frank lampard - 120k a week 10. Stev (MORE)