Who developed of the symbol of congruence?

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Gottfried Leibniz
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What is congruences?

the strongest relationship a pair of triangles can have is congruence. two segments or two angles are congruent when they have the same measures. congruent triangles have ex

Why have symbols developed in religion?

Symbols have been used since we learned to communicate. Literacy was found only rarely outside of the aristocracy and almost never among the masses. Symbols such as the sign o

Who developed the symbol pi?

The symbol for pi was used by the early English mathematicians William Oughtred (1574 -1660), Isaac Barrow (1630-1677), and David Gregory (1661-1701) to designate the circumfe

How was the Sikh symbol developed?

The Khanda symbolizes God's Universal and Creative Power. In it's center is a double edged sword, which symbolizes the primal and almighty power of the creator. The 'Chakra' o

Who developed the popular recycling symbol?

A contest was sponsored for art and design students across the country to heighten awareness of environmental complexities by a Chicago based company called Containers of of