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Washington Huskies. Washington lost their quarterback on the second play and also lost the game.
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How do you get emancipated in Illinois?

You would first need to fill out and file an application foremancipation with your local court house. A judge will considermany factors include your needs, interest, independent resources,and financial abilities before approving your application.

Who is the Governor of Illinois?

As of 2016, Bruce Rauner is the Governor of Illinois. In 2016 the governor of Illinois is Bruce Rauner who was precededby Pat Quinn.

Where is Illinois?

US - Midwest: 39.78143 N, 089.64465 W . The Northeastern border of Illinois is Lake Michigan. Its eastern border with Indiana is all of the land west of the Wabash River, and a north-south line above Post Vincennes, or 87° 31′ 30″ west longitude. Its northern border with Wi (MORE)

Did Bill Huber play at Illinois in 1947?

Quite frankly, I don't know but I can tell you he was a member of the Illini that played in the 1947 Rose Bowl against UCLA that the Illini won 45-14. Huber caught 2 passes for 21 yards in the game.

What is Illinois famous for?

Chicago gangsters. Big City Bosses like Richard J. Daley. Politicalturmoil. Voter fraud. Corn. Hog production. Blind Pigs andSpeakeasies. Al Capone and the Saint Valentine's Day massacre. Thelady in red and Dillinger's demise. Land of Lincoln. Black HawkWar. The 1871 Great Chicago Fire and Catherine (MORE)

Does it snow in Illinois?

Yes. In fact, Illinois is known by most outsiders as having brutally cold winters with negative temperatures. It does depend, though. The state stretches a good four hundred miles from north to south. Carbondale, IL barely sees snow during the year, but experiences many slippery and icy conditions. (MORE)

Who was the founder of Illinois?

The first recorded Americans in Illinois were Louis Jolliet andFather Marquette in 1673. In1763 the state was given to England bythe French.

Where is the University of Illinois?

Primary campus is in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana (U of I). Another campus is in Chicago (U of I at Chicago). Third campus is in Springfield (U of I at Springfield). For information, go to http://www.uillinois.edu/

Where can you get a piranha in Illinois?

There is a place in Chicago that ships to many different places in the US. Try looking it up on Yellow Book or Google Maps.or you can ask a local pet store!!!

Why is Illinois named Illinois?

Like many states in America, especially in the Midwest, the name of Illinois comes from the native tribes that lived there when the white men first came - the Illinois people. It comes from the Indian word Illini meaning a confederation of tribes. Illinois is the French interpretation of the Algonq (MORE)

Who is the Senate of Illinois?

As of July 2014, the senators of Illinois are Richard Durbin andMark Kirk. The two senators will serve for six year terms.

What landforms are in Illinois?

The state is divided into three main regions: Central Plains: The Central Plains region includes an area of rich farmland known as the Till Plains. These plains are part of the Midwestern Corn Belt, extending from Ohio to Kansas. About 90% of Illinois is covered by the Central Plains region. Th (MORE)

What is the slogan for Illinois?

Illinois has two accepted "official" names: "Land of Lincoln", and "The Prairie State". It's state motto is: "State Sovereignty, National Unity".

Who are the legislators of Illinois?

They are the members of the Illinois General Assembly either one of the 59 State Senators or one of the 118 members of the Illinois House. For a name consider using Michael Madigan the current speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Does the play n trade in Edwardsville Illinois sell Microsoft points?

Whatever you do don't buy from this place. I took my playstation3 in for repairs 3 weeks ago. Finally got it back today. It didn't work. I took it back they said it'd be another 3 weeks for repair. I called and simply asked for a refund of the $130 I paid Play N Trade and for my ps3. They said that (MORE)

Who played Glinda in the Illinois performances of 'Wicked'?

Five actresses played Glinda in the Chicago, Illinois performances of 'Wicked.' The musical was performed at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts Oriental Theater from July 13, 2005 to January 25, 2009. One, Kate Reinders opened the first non-Broadway sit-down production in Chicago. Two, Sta (MORE)

Did The Who play the Illinois State fair in 1968?

Yes...they were the warm-up act for "The Association" and they came on right after the baton twirling contest. When they started breaking their instruments at the end of their performance it was mayhem...the organizers and announcer had no idea what was going on. Good memories! Not much improvement (MORE)

Why is Illinois called Illinois?

The state of Illinois was namedafter the Illinois River. The Illinois River was named by Frenchexplorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle in 1679 after theIndians he found living along the banks. Illinois is the Frenchspelling for the Illinois and Peoria Indian word "iliniwok,"meaning men or warrior (MORE)

What does Illinois have?

3 i's 2 l's the words: ill, in, no, is. Also, it has the city of Chicago which is filled with wonderful things to do, as well as many other interesting smaller cities and farmland. It's the home of the invention of Barbed wire and it's the pumpkin capital of the world.

How do you play Illinois Mega piler game?

Play the Megaplier feature for an extra $1.00 per playboard and you could increase your non-grand/jackpot prize winnings by 2, 3, or 4 times! Mark the "YES" box under "Megaplier" to select this feature for all playboards on the playslip. The Megaplier number will be chosen from a field of 21 numbers (MORE)

Who is the President of Illinois?

The president of Illinois is the President of the United States of America, currently Barack Hussein Obama Jr. The highest official in the state of Illinois is the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, Democrat. US Presidents born in Illinois Ronald Reagan, 40th US president, was born in Tampico (MORE)

What country is Illinois?

Uum...I'm assuming you aren't from America. There is no country called Illinois in the world. Illinois is a state of the United States of America. It's a beautiful state... I hope I helped you. Have a great day!!

What is the capital of Illinois and why?

Springfield has been the capital of the state of Illinois since1839. The territorial capital of Kaskaskia was also capital for the firstyear of statehood (1818-1819). The capital was moved to Vandaliafrom 1819 to 1839. Among those who supported the choice ofSpringfield was Abraham Lincoln, and he l (MORE)

When was the last time Florida played Illinois in football?

ANSWER: December 29, 1988 The Florida Gators last played the Illinois Illini on December 29, 1988 in the All America Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama. Florida won the game by a score of 14-0. The two teams have met only once before with Florida winning 14-0 in Gainesville, Florida on September 23, 1 (MORE)

Is Illinois healthy?

Yes it is because I went and lost 30 pounds in a week So go you be lucky for those that want to loose weight..

Are there crocodiles in Illinois?

No. The only Crocodiles in the United States are in southernFlorida. The American alligator does not come any father north thanNorth Carolina.