Who did chance choose from the real chance of love?

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Hot Wings.
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Who won real chance of love?

corn fed won real's heart chance did not choose no one because he didnt want to choose between friends for the second real chance of love ................ chance chose h

In real chance of love what is the secret?

Stop looking for love. Start being the person people want to get loved by. Then when they line up to get some love, you can choose which one to give you love to.

Who was the winner of real chance of love?

The final four contestants are Bay,Bay,Bay and Cornfed on Real's side and Cali and Risky on Chance's side. One winner for sure is Risky because Cali is soon to be competiting

Who does real and chance pic on real chance of love 2?

real picks doll and chance picks hot wings. Personally, I think chance should have picked mamacita because she was so fun and care free just like my man chance! they got along