Who had the most fumble recoveries for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2005?

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Offense=Larry Johnson - 3 Recoveries...... Defense=Eric Warfield - 2 Recoveries
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Where do the Kansas City Chiefs play?

Answer They play in Kansas City, Missouri (the "Kansas" part causes a lot of confusion. Although, there is a KC, KS, it's much smaller) in Arrowhead Stadium

Who plays on the Kansas City Chiefs?

Branden Albert -76 Jackie Bates -22 Jovan Belcher -59 Dwayne Bower -82 Colin Brown -61 Brandon Carr -39 Matt Cassel -7 Tim Castille -46 Jamaal Charles -25 Du
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Why are the Kansas city chiefs called chiefs?

The name Chiefs was in honor of H. Roe Bartle, a mayor of KansasCity, who was nicknamed Chief. He got this nickname when theArapaho chief Lone Bear made him a blood brother.