Who has the biggest family?

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In the animal kingdomm the biggest animal is the Blue Whale therefore the Blue Whale has the biggest babies and family.
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The biggest problem in family?

Probably most family problems boil down to one thing: lack of communication. Whether it be old resentments, prejudices, rivalries...anything...not talking to each other (reall

What is the biggest instrument in the woodwind family?

Well, each instrument in the woodwind family has a bass member, even the flute. The largest regular instrument, according to size, would be either a bass saxophone, contra-bas

What is the biggest member of the woodwind family?

The biggest/lowest instrument in the standard woodwind family (meaning it is used in most orchestral scores) has to be the Contra-Bassoon, or the Double Bassoon as they call

Are tigers the biggest in the cat family?

Yes, the Siberian Tiger is the largest and heaviest cat. Siberian tigers are known to be significantly bigger than lions, the reason why they're considered the biggest cat. Th