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Who inherits your term life insurance policy?

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Usually the policy is terminated if it needs to be inherited.
Meaning that if you die, that policy will usually just pay the value of the policy and be done with.
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Is inherited life insurance taxible?

The death benefit for life insurance is not taxable assuming it is not a Modified Endowment Contract.

How does a family term life insurance policy differ from an individual policy?

A family life insurance policy differs from an individual insurance policy by the amount of persons included in the policy. The family option includes a (marriage) partner and

What does a whole life term insurance policy cover?

Whole Term Life Insurance in basically a coverage for the insured person, and their beneficiaries. It covers financial responsibilities, such as Consumer Debt, Education for

How much can you borrow against a life insurance policy that is term for 10000?

Zero. Term insurance has no cash value from which to borrow. Although term policies do not have cash value, some do offer a rider called the ROP Rider (return of Premium rid

What is extended term insurance on a lapsed Whole Life Policy?

    Calculate the total cost of a fire insurance premium for a building  and contents given the following. (UseTable  20.3.)   /      Rating of area 

What are the advantages of a renewable term life insurance policy?

  Answer     A renewable policy allows the policyowner to renew the coverage simply by paying additional premiums before the termination date without having to p
Feature of term Policy in Life insurance?

Feature of term Policy in Life insurance?

  The features of a term life insurance policy include the following: 1. Term options of 1-30 years, usually 10, 15, 20, or 30 year term polciies available. 2. Level o

Is term life insurance a permanent policy for which you pay a specified premium each year?

Term insurance is NOT permanent! As the name suggests, the policy is designed to protect for a specific term or number of years. Rates are fixed for a certain number of year