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Who invented Marigold rubber gloves?

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J Allen Rubber Company (Gloucestershire) in the 1950s
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Why do people use rubber gloves in labs?

2 basic reasons:   1) so that you don't get whatever you are experimenting with on your hands.   2) so that you don't contaminate your test/specimin with germs (or dirt)

What are the 4 electrical rubber gloves classes?

Class 0: up to 1000 V, red label, used for delicate work   Class I: up to 7500 V, white label   Class II: up to 17000 V, yellow label   Class III: up to 26500 V, gree

When were marigold gloves invented?

Marigold gloves were introduced in the early 1950s by J Allen Rubber Company, based in Gloucestershire. They were sold in chemist's shops in a range of sizes and two finishes,

Are rubber gloves insulators?

  Yes. Rubber gloves and latex gloves can be used as insulators.

Why do electricians use gloves and rubber shoes?

electricity cant pass through rubber, so if one aprt of your body is insulated against it, the chances of electric shock are small

Who invented the baseball glove?

Doug Allison & a local saddle makerThe first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove dates to the season of 1869, when Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug All

Who invented the rubber?

the answer before this was wrong, rubber was invented in Woburn, Massachusetts.
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How do you make a vagina with a rubber glove?

Take a toilet paper roll when it's empty. Take a glove and put the glove in the tube and wrap the cuff of the glove outside of the tube. Fill it with lotion and it feels EXACT
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What is rubber gloves made of?

rubber answ2. Latex is an early material, but non-latex gloves are available for those with a sensitivity to latex. Other similar products are made for the electrical and ch

Are rubber gloves like garden gloves?

It doesn t matter what glove you use for gardening . Rubber latex  or other is good for gardening and someone does not believe what  they read , tell I have ,because rubber