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Who invented Marigold rubber gloves?

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J Allen Rubber Company (Gloucestershire) in the 1950s
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Why do doctors wear rubber gloves?

  Answer   To prevent cross contamination.   No matter how thoroughly you wash, you can't get it all off.   Also, your bugs don't bother you but someone els

Who invented the glove?

Gloves were invented and used by our ancient ancestors. At thistime in our history records were not kept as to who invented whatso we can not tell you a factual answer.

Who invented rubber gloves?

It was Lister : who invented them to protect the hands of a nurse, for in those days they were sterilizing their (bare) hands by dipping them in "Listerine", a strong phen

When were marigold gloves invented?

Marigold gloves were introduced in the early 1950s by J Allen Rubber Company, based in Gloucestershire. They were sold in chemist's shops in a range of sizes and two finishes,

Why do rubber gloves get so sticky?

Because people wear them to do sticky, yucchy jobs.

Are rubber gloves like garden gloves?

It doesn t matter what glove you use for gardening . Rubber latex  or other is good for gardening and someone does not believe what  they read , tell I have ,because rubber