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Touching Base The answer as to who invented baseball wages a great debate. Was it Rounders? Abner Doubleday? Alexander Cartwright?

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  • The English invented baseball (see Baseball Before We Knew It, by David Block)
  • Baseball was invented in England.

    "The game of Rounders has been played in England since Tudor Times, with the earliest reference being in 1744 in "A Little Pretty Pocketbook" where it is called Baseball. It is a striking and fielding team game, which involves hitting a small hard leather cased ball with a round wooden or metal bat and then running around 4 bases in order to score" (see related link)
  • The British invented baseball ("rounders" is the other name for it). As inactive children in England needed some mild exercise, the game was created as a result. In Commonwealth nations, it's played by many kids up to age 11. Historically, it is a that was intended for children. It is very popular as a girl's game, with organized nationwide Leagues in the UK.
  • The earliest-known reference to baseball from England is in a 1744 publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, by John Newbery. It contains a woodcut illustration of boys playing "baseball" (showing a similar set-up to the modern game) and a rhymed description of the game.
  • Also, a British letter (dating from 1748) by Lady Hervey describes how the then-Prince of Wales diverted his time playing baseball. The English author Jane Austen specifically mentions the game of baseball in her novel, Northanger Abbey (1798), being played by the young protagonist, Catherine Moreland.
  • 1744 in England is the first-known specific reference to baseball. The reason it never became professional in England is because the game was invented for children; it was never intended to be for adults. Hence, it is commonly played in the UK up the age of 11 (which is the age when primary school ends). It is immensely popular with girls. In a Jane Austen book from 1798, the main girl in the book plays baseball.
  • The English lawyer William Bray recorded a game of baseball on Easter Monday 1755 in Guildford, Surrey, England; Bray's diary was verified as authentic in September 2008.
  • By 1796, the rules of the English game were well enough established to earn a mention in German scholar Johann Gutmut's book on popular pastimes. It described "Englische Base-ball" involving a contest between two teams, in which "the batter has three attempts to hit the ball while at the home plate"; only one out was required to retire a side. These rules predate any from America by over 50 years.
  • Rounders = baseball. Essentially baseball is "rounders" renamed. Go to the UK (or any of the former British colonies throughout the commonwealth) and rounders is a major pastime for pre-teens... mainly girls, though.
  • Abner Doubleday invented baseball sometime in the late 1800s. I learned this when I went to Cooperstown, New York - where it is said the game was invented - and where the Baseball Hall of Fame is. There is also a field there in honor of Abner Doubleday.
  • Baseball comes directly from rounders that the British invented for small children - pitch, bat and run around 4 bases (yes, 4). It is still very popular today among kids up to 10 years old. Girls even have baseball leagues.
  • Actually, the claim that Abner Doubleday invented baseball is a myth. The game developed from a British game called "rounders," which inactive small children were encouraged to take up. A variation of rounders in America, called "town ball," was played until 1845, when Alexander Cartwright of Hoboken, N.J., started creating a variation of town ball with different rules. This is what came to be known as baseball. Cartwright formed the first baseball team - the New York Knickerbockers - who had to play their first game against a cricket team. There were Boston and New York variations of baseball for a time, but the New York version won out.
  • I believe that, indeed, Alexander Cartwright invented baseball.
  • I was on the BBC sport site and someone from Canada claims that baseball was invented there or by a Canadian. They often take credit for inventing basketball because James Naismith was a Canadian. But has anybody heard of this claim before?
  • I don't know the name of the guys in England who invented rounders - but whoever they are, that's the answer. Any names after the English are only those who copied or renamed; the game is the same as rounders.
  • The real person who invented baseball goes by the name of Alexander Cartwright. He invented the game and wrote a set of rules for it in 1845.
  • The origins of baseball actually came from Egypt, when pharaohs and people played games consisting of balls and bats? From Egypt, the game traveled to England and was finally brought to America, where rules for the game were written and the name of "baseball" was decided upon.
  • Swinging a stick at a ball is ancient. But the first formalized rules come from the game of rounders in the UK, where bases, pitcher, batter, etc. were used. The answer, therefore, is rounders.
  • Baseball was, in fact, derived from Egypt, where it was called stick ball.
  • Rounders... period. In England, kids play up to the equivalent of the US 5th grade.
  • Baseball was invented in 1845 by Alexander Cartwright. He and his friends started a baseball team called the Knickerbockers. In a game that took place in New Jersey on June 19, 1846, they played against a team called the New York Nines, who won the game 23-1! Although the Egyptians may have played something similar to baseball, it was Cartwright who made the actual baseball rules and the game.
  • Yes, Alexander Cartwright invented it in 1845!
  • The difference between Boston-style baseball and NYC-style is that the latter is what is played these days. Boston-style baseball had the plate and batters box halfway between 1st and 4th (what we would call "home"). The main difference is that, if you hit the ball, you only had to run 45 feet to first base, I think it was.
  • A special Commission of 1907 concluded that baseball had been "invented" by the Civil War hero Abner Doubleday (1819-1893), in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839. But it was actually Alexander Joy Cartwright (1820-1892) of New York who established the modern baseball field (1845). In Cartwright's rules of play, however, plugging was allowed; a ball fielded on one bounce was an out; pitching was underhand; and the game was won by the first team to score 21 "aces" (runs), in however many innings that took.
  • I am pretty sure baseball was started by the Indians, back in the day.
  • It comes from the British game rounders, I've read. A teacher from Florida lived in London and coached a girl's rounders team - the British form of baseball. Also my cousins played it in England, until about the 5th grade.
  • Abner Doubleday invented baseball.
  • Nobody knows, but for sure it was not Doubleday. It evolved. It was not created in a grand gesture. It was the evolution from several English games, including rounders. Many communities throughout America adapted their own version of the game. What we know today came from the New York version.
  • Doubleday did invent it. There is proof in Cooperstown, New York.
  • Rounders is baseball... and I know the British invented it. The British called it both baseball and rounders, either name was acceptable.
  • I wish there were a time machine so we could go ask it.
  • Alexander Cartwright in 1845 wrote and invented the formal and official rules of baseball which are still used to this day. As for the claim of England inventing baseball, that is preposterous. Rounders has a completely different set of rules contrary to anything which baseball uses. They are related cousins of a bat and ball game... they are not the same.
  • Alexander Cartwright, without any doubt, established the rules. Therefore he deserves the credit.
  • Obviously the British invented baseball, aka rounders.
  • Granted that baseball has an ancestry that includes earlier games such as rounders, modern baseball was "invented" by a group of young business professionals in New York City who called themselves the "Knickerbockers".
  • In 1845, a 4-man committee was appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws, which included the rules of the game as played by the Knickerbockers. Dr. Daniel L. Adams was the president of the team and of the committee, and Alexander J. Cartwright was secretary. Since the rules developed by the Adams committee were written by Cartwright in his role as secretary, some people mistakenly assume that he was the author of the "Knickerbocker" rules. Cartwright left NYC, but Dr. Daniel L. Adams continued to be a driving force in the continued development of modern baseball as long-time president of the Knicks and later as president of the Rules Committee of the National Association of Ball Players. In 1857, Doc Adams introduced the 9-inning game, the 9-man team, the shortstop position, the 30-yard baselines and the 15-yard pitching mound. At that time, a hitter was out if the ball was caught after the first bounce, and it was Doc Adams who lobbied for years for the "fly catch" rule until it was finally adopted. Doc Adams even began the standardization of the modern baseball and bat, searching out leather workers and woodworkers who could turn his ideas into reality. You can argue all you want about ancient Egyptians and British schoolchildren and the preposterous Abner Doubleday promotional gimmick and Alexander Cartwright's committee notes, but we should seriously consider the possibility that Dr. Daniel L. Adams was a major force in its "invention."
  • Popular legend says that Abner Doubleday invented baseball on a cow pasture in Cooperstown, New York some time in 1839, but it's just a rumor. A century later, the National Baseball Hall of Fame was founded not far from the supposed location.
  • Baseball is believed to have evolved from the game rounders, and shares its origins with cricket (though it has been disputed in recent years). No one "invented" baseball, it just evolved until it turned to what it is today.

Nobody knows for sure but we think it was Abner Doubleday in the 1800s who formulated the rules of the game as mostly used today..
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Why was baseball invented?

The British invented it. Verified Source of Origin.... "The game of Rounders has been played in England since Tudor Times, with the earliest reference being in 1744 in "A Little Pretty Pocketbook" where it is called Baseball. It is a striking and fielding team game, which involves hitting a small ha (MORE)

When was baseball invented?

Earliest known reference of Baseball from England is in a 1744publication, A Little Pretty Pocket-Book by John Newbery. Itcontains a wood-cut illustration of boys playing "baseball"(showing a similar set-up to the modern game) and a rhymeddescription of the game. Also, a British letter dating from 1 (MORE)

How was baseball invented?

The British invented it. The game of Rounders has been played inEngland since Tudor Times, with the earliest reference being in1744 in "A Little Pretty Pocketbook" where it is called Baseball.It is a striking and fielding team game, which involves hitting asmall hard leather cased ball with a round (MORE)

Who invented the baseball glove?

Doug Allison & a local saddle maker The first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove dates to the season of 1869, when Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison first experimented with the idea by having a glove made for him by a local saddle maker. At that time, however, it (MORE)

Who invented the baseball?

We don't know. It is believed that Abner Doubleday inventedbaseball in 1839, but there have been earlier sources that refer to"playing ball" as early as 1786.

How did Alexander Cartwright invent baseball?

He didnt nor did he ever claim to. The British invented Baseball. "The game of Rounders has been played in England since Tudor Times, with the earliest reference being in 1744 in "A Little Pretty Pocketbook" where it is called Baseball. It is a striking and fielding team game, which involves hitti (MORE)

Where was baseball invented?

Various previous sports and games led to the creation of modern baseball. Credit for its invention is claimed by a number of sources. Modern Baseball Baseball was brought to the United States by British and Irish immigrants in the late 1700's, but the first team to play baseball under modern r (MORE)

What year was the baseball glove invented?

Answer . Good evening,\nBest info I could find was that baseball gloves arrived on the scene in or around 1875. Gloves were first made for catchers, but other players came around to idea of having a little hand protection as well. When I say "a little hand protection", I mean just a little, as t (MORE)

Who invented the Fungo baseball bat?

The word Fungo has several etymologies: may be derived from the word Fungus as they are stale and used for practice, not actual play, related, could be some sort of paradigim thing: One Goes, two Goes, Three Goes- Fun Goes! while tossing the ball.sort of a blend word Fun- plus Goes. a Fungo stick is (MORE)

Who invented the First baseball bat?

The first regulations on baseball bats came about in 1859, thisrule was that a bat couldn't be larger than 2.5 inches in diameter.Later in 1869 the bat could be no longer than 42 inches. The mostfamous baseball bats in history were brought about in 1884. TheLouisville Slugger was made by John Hiller (MORE)

Who invented baseball and when?

The official explanation is that Gen. Abner Doubleday invented Baseball in Cooperstown, NY. In reality, this is a complete myth. Doubleday likely never played Baseball in his life. However, he was a very popular figure and war hero, and adding his name helped lend respectability to the game. Bas (MORE)

What date was baseball invented?

Baseball as we know it today was not invented at any one time or by any one person. It evolved from he English game of rounders and the American game of town ball. Shane Foster, in 1845, was the first to WRITE DOWN many rules that are common today.

Who invented fantasy baseball?

The Fantasy Jungle was one of the first companies to offer online fantasy baseball games that pay cash as prizes, they also have info and several other sports they offer in but are one of the first i have seen. http://www.fantasyjungle.com

Did Canada invent baseball or did Europe invent baseball?

Neither. If you want to assign the invention of baseball to a country, rather than to an individual person, the clear answer is the United States.. As for the individual inventor, Abner Doubleday is historically given credit for inventing baseball. However, recent research reveals that Alexander Ca (MORE)

Who invented the baseball field?

The modern diamond was originally laid out by engineer Alexander Cartwright of the New York Knickerbockers in 1847, whose rules incorporated foul territory, a diamond-shaped layout, and 90 feet between the bases.

What union general invented baseball?

There are many theories to how baseball started. One is that Abner Doubleday, a general invented it. However, this myth has been scorned and falsed by many historians.

What were the rules of baseball when baseball was invented?

The only rules used at the beginning of baseball were roughly these: . there are two teams, . an object is thrown towards the "batter", . the batter hits it with something, . the batter runs to different bases, . the team not batting tries to tag the batter with the ball, . the batter tries no (MORE)

When did Alexander cartwright invent baseball?

He was officially declared the inventor of the modern game of baseball by the United States Congress on June 3, 1953. This political resolution is based on the (heavily disputed) idea that Cartwright, in 1845, was the first to have certain rules, now standard for the game, written down. Even if t (MORE)

Who invented the baseball card?

Tobacco and Candy Companies . It all began with the images of baseball players on cards sold with tobacco products in the 1880's. Some of the earliest Tobacco companies from the 1900's included Old Mill Cigarettes, Turkey Red Cigarettes, Piedmont, Cycle, and Sweet Caporal. Candy companies soon (MORE)

Who invented Baseball Pitching Machines?

Charles Hinton, a mathematics teacher, designed a gunpowder-poweredbaseball pitching machine in 1897. It was first used in PrincetonUniversity for the school's baseball team batting practice.

Were would i find who invented the baseball?

Thought it was once believed that Abner Doubleday invented baseball, that theory has been all but dismissed. It is more likely that baseball formed as a variation of cricket and other bat-and-ball sports.

Who invented the game of base baseball?

In reality, baseball evolved out of several different "bat and ball" games such as English Rounders, Cricket, and American Town Ball that had been around for centuries. But there is one man who deserves the credit for establishing the fundamental rules of the sport and for organizing the first base (MORE)

Who invented baseball and when did he invent it?

There are many myths surrounding the origins of baseball. Many people believe that a young West Point Cadet named Abner Doubleday invented baseball one day in 1839 while in Cooperstown, New York. That is definitely not true. The Doubleday Myth was first created by a panel of "baseball experts" appoi (MORE)

Who invented baseball in New York?

Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday in the 1860's. Civil war troops played a form of baseball between battles. So, I would imagine it just spread into NY with the men who returned from the war.

Where was the baseball cap invented?

New York. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore a cap that becamepopular as a "Brooklyn style" cap, which eventually evolved intothe modern baseball cap.

Who invented aluminum baseball bats?

The aluminum bat was invented by William Shroyer. He received hispatent for the bat in 1924. However, they did not become popularwith youth and college players until the 1970s.

Who invented the world series of baseball?

The first baseball playoff between rival leagues was in 1884,between the National League Providence Grays and the AmericanAssociation New York Metropolitans. It came about when the managerof the latter, Jim Multrie, challenged the former to a playoff todetermine the "true" baseball champion. Provide (MORE)

Did America invent baseball?

Yes and No Baseball originated from the game rounders which came from Europe. But America tweaked the game to what it is now

Why invent baseball?

some people argue who invented baseball but what we do know is that baseball was probably invented by kids who were just bored and if you think that is dumb think of the last time you played a game where you just made of the top of your

Where was baseball invent?

There is a myth that says that Abner Doubleday, former Civil War general, laid out the rules of baseball with a stick in the mud at Cooperstown, New York (where the hall of fame is) In reality, Alexander Cartwright invented the game in Manhattan working as a volunteer fireman, in a game at first cal (MORE)

Where is the baseball invented?

Baseball was derived from any of a number of English schoolyard games (rounders, cricket, etc.), and it is unknown when where or how baseball was invented.

Why is baseball invented?

While noone knows who, when or where baseball was invented, it is certain it was created for recreation.

What year is baseball invented?

there is some debate there it developed from a couple of games one is an English game called rounders. however it is said that baseball officially began when Alexander Cartwright and members of the New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club came up with the rules in 1845. however the first recorded base (MORE)

Who invented baseball Wrigley or Cartwright?

neither Abner Doubleday did in 1839 people dont belive so but it has been proven. there is less evidence that Cartwright invented it much much much less there is 0 evidence Wrigley did. -allstarmemorabilia.webs.com

Who is invented of the baseball?

The story that a Abner Doubleday invented baseball in 1839 is easily proven to be complete hokum, and based ENTIRELY on the "recollections" of a person who died in an insane asylum. That person would have been five years old in 1839, when Doubleday was a first-year student at West Point Academy. The (MORE)

Where was baseball invented-?

There is a city in Upstate New York that claims the game wasinvented there. This claim is easily shown to be complete hokum. In 1792, the township of Pittsfield, MA passed a law making itillegal to play baseball near the town hall. It is impossible toknow how the game made illegal compares to the m (MORE)