Who invented the typesetting machine?

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Johann Gotenbery 1448
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What is typesetting?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt seems to me that it is a reference to a bye-gone era when printing presses used by newspapers and such were operated by manually laying the letter

What is indentation in typesetting?

There are two main types of first-line indent: normal and hanging. A "normal" indent indents the first line, as shown here, an indent of one centimetre: Lorem ipsum dolor si

How were machines invented?

People just started with little tools to make their lives easier. As time went by they started combining these tools to the point where the device ran off its own accord using

Why did people invent machines in the machine age?

in english the machine age is called THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION i belive that it occured because if the increase in raw materials availability from the discovery of the ameri

Who invented the Calculating machine and when it was invented?

The Chinese around 3000 BC invented the Abacus was the first calculating machine. The French Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the first programmable machine with his Jacquard L

Who invented The Xerox machine and lamination machine?

A Xerox Machine is any machine marketed by the Xerox Corporation. Many different machines have been marketed by Xerox Corporation, and were invented by different people at dif