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A Vain Attempt is a emo/hardcore band with five members, there names are: Oskar Sadle, Daniel Volmgren, Marcus Larsson, Tim Karisson and Rikard Bolander.
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Are you vain?

We are all vain about one thing or another, Vivs! 'You can always ask me" Savannahofthehills

Where does sara the girlfriend of rikard from a vain attempt live. is it true she is pregnant. is she really a singer and can you tell me more about her please. i really love rikard he is so hot?

His girlfriend lives in the United State's of America, I think Oregon but I'm not 100% sure sorry. No she is not pregnant,at least that's what Rikard said on his website. No

Why do vains pop?

Of course! This is usually because of blood clots, but can also pop due to stress or strain.

Is vain attempt emo?

Yes A Vain Attempt is Emo/Emocore that uses alot of expressing growling vocals from metalcore. But overall they are an emo band from Sweden.