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Linda Henry is best known for her roles on EastEnders, the movie Beautiful Thing, and the television show Bad Girls. She is married to Stavros Virilis, and they have a daughter named Ellie Louisa Virilis.
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Did linda rohnstat ever marry?

No Linda Ronstadt has never been married. 06/05/2011 She is a single mother of an adopted boy and a girl. Her kids are now collage age.

Linda ronstadt ever married?

NO She never married. But she's been romantically involved with George Lucas, Jerry Brown and other well-known men.

Is linda yu is married?

Linda Yu is not currently married. She was born on December 1st, 1946. Linda immagrated to the United States from China in 1951 and later became a news caster.
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Do linda have married?

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Is Linda Yu married and to who?

According to Linda Yu's biography, she is not currently married or  at least not does not mention a husband. It does state that she  lives in Chicago with her children.