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The Master Yoichi Nakachi brought Shinpu-ren Karate to the US in 1959 and introduced his Butokukan Karate to the US in 1963. He died in 1998. Butokukan style karate purports to bring all the best of all the martial arts together, on a karate foundation.
Yoichi nakachi was also the "oh-so proud karate guy" that used to defy Bruce Lee in public places many times, he was Bruce's partner at University at that time, and finally it all ended up in a 11 seconds fight, face to face, in which Bruce beat him really bad (See Wikipedia Bruce Lee in Spanish)
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When did Yoichi Miura die?

Yoichi Miura died on May 14, 2000, in Shibayama-cho, Chiba, Japan of cancer of the esophagus.