Who is best flute player in orissa?

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In Orissa
I think its Sameer Rao. He is one of the disciple of Hariprasad chaurasia. Hariprasadji's one of gurukul is in bhubaneswar which is currently handled by Sameer Rao.
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How does a flute player change the volume?

To soften the volume of the flute's sound, one must simply use less air. Changing the embouchure will only change the flute's pitch. To increase the volume, use more air. Open your throat and make sure you know the difference between more air and faster air. Faster air and a tighter embouchure will (MORE)

What is a flute?

The flute is a musical instrument in the wood wind family. Unlike other wood wind instruments, the flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge of the mouth piece.

Who was the girl flute player in the movie Bullitt?

Soundtrackcollector.com says it is Julie Iger-Roseman of the "Israeli folk band" "Meridian West". MERIDIAN WEST guitarist: Larry Vogt bassist: Nat Johnson flautist: Julie Iger-Roseman percussionist: Al Pimental The bassist has a site (http://www.natjohnsonbassistvocalist.com/bio.html) (MORE)

How does a flute player change the pitch?

to do it from the mind, you have to play it in pitch a lot. It will be hard if you don't have perfect pitch. to change pitch, on the flute, you pull out the head joint.

What is the best student flute?

The best student flute would be the student that works the hardest at trying to master the flute. Not only do you have to practice hard, but, you also have to be able to play all scales correctly and fluently. You should know how to memorize and site read 2 or more pieces of music. Also you should p (MORE)

Who is the best flute player in the world?

Ian Anderson is perhaps the world's best-known flute player, having popularized flute playing in the rock band Jethro Tull. In terms of classical music, Sir James Galway is widely held to be one of the world's most talented player.

About the flute?

the flute is a metal instrment and veary hard to platy !! /It is quite long. An easier version of the piccolo, easy when you get the hang of it. It belongs in the woodwind family and used to be made of wood. But now most parts are of metal.-BJ

What are some famous flute players?

James Galway also Charles Lloyd, Roland Kirk, Herbie Hancock, Tim Weisberg, Chris Wood (from the band Traffic). And Don't forget Ian Anderson (From Jethro Tull)

What is the best flute brand?

Personally, I have always been a big fan of the Gemeinhardt. They have really nice beginner flute, french flutes which are open holed, professional and even beautiful piccolos. They have good quality and I find that they have the best sound.

What education do you need to be a professional flute player?

As far as I know, if you are good enough at flute, and obviously have grade 8 flute, and perhaps diploma, it doesn't matter what other qualifications you have, to get into the royal northern college of music, you only need about 2 E's at A level, as long as you are amazing at your instrument. To bec (MORE)

Who are the best flute players in the world?

Sir James Galway is one of the best. He was one of the first flute players to have a career as a soloist, although he did play in an orchestra for a decade and a half. His career is still active, he plays internationally, and is of course considered one of the best flute players in the world.

What is the best way to improve flute tone?

I would suggest the best way to improve your tone would be to always try to sit with a correct posture ex. feet flat on the floor, back parallel to the chair. I would also say that you can improve it by adjusting your pitches for each note by rolling the flute inwards or outwards to fix the sharpnes (MORE)

Which model of wagon R is best for orissa?

Any of the wagon R model will be fine, but i suggest you go for LXI Metallic and bargain for accessories. I got Remote Central locking, teflon coating, wheel caps, body cover, sun film free.

What is the best brand of flute?

Yamaha is what i have and it is amazing It all depends on what level or standard you are looking for, for beginers and intermediate Yamaha is great, If you want to go professional , you have to try out loads of different brands, and espcially head joints as they are what gives the flute a slightly (MORE)

Famous flute player?

James Galway . Charles Lloyd . Roland Kirk . Sarah Banker . Herbie Hancock . Tim Welsberg . Chris Wood . Ian Anderson

Who was the first flute player?

Technically, there is no recorded data of the first flautist, but the first man who was brilliant at it, is Pannalal Ghosh.

What is the best intermediate flute?

Hmm... the best intermediate flute would be a open holed flute. The keys have holes in them, making it harder for you to play perfect pitches, I must say. NOOOOOOOO don't go for an open hole flute unless you are grade 8 and above these are professional flutes as i know as i purchused mine only a ye (MORE)

Best flute company?

Well, in my opinion, Powell flutes are usually the best. However, there is the Haynes flute which is basically tied up with Powells. Haynes deals with a company called Amedeus. It comes with a Haynes headjoint. Those are also pretty good. If you're trying to save up a little money than you should st (MORE)

What bansuri flute is best for beginners?

G-scale bansuri is usually recommended for beginners. You should not shop for it online or at a store but rather get it through someone who has first hand technical knowledge of a bamboo flute because, contrary to popular belief, good quality professional bansuris can be expensive.

What is the best age to get a flute?

It depends on how much money you're willing to spend and how long your arms are.. Some kids start really young,( 6-8 ) and because their arms aren't as long as the average player they have to get a special kind of flute with a curved head joint. This is where that money comes into play. Starting (MORE)

What is the best flute in legend of Zelda oracle of ages?

I honestly believe Ricky is the best animal because his melee isthe best. You get him by instead of buying the flute at the futurestore do the shooting gallery and win it. Then go to the forest oftime to save Ricky and you got yourself a kangaroo. However, theyall have their advantages. Dimitri swim (MORE)

How much do flute players make?

It varies greatly. A flutist who plays in a local symphony or band may only make a couple of thousand (or maybe even nothing!) a year. A lot of performing is volunteering. If you are one of the very few flutists who make it into a world class orchestra (such as the Chicago Symphony), you may make 35 (MORE)

Best engineering colleges in orissa top 20?

TOP ENGINEERING COLLEGES UNDER BPUT Its admission time.There are lot of students who are either misguided or have the lack of proper info about engineering colleges under BPUT.So here is what i personally think a student should keep in mind while taking admission in an engineering college: The p (MORE)

The best college engineering in Orissa?

Info about engineering colleges under BPUT University.So here is what i personally think a student should keep in mind while taking admission in an engineering college: These are all private colleges excluding deemed and government colleges *The Colleges have been ranked as per the following (MORE)

Best ranking colleges in orissa?

According to the latest survey by the BSU(a state government enterprise),it has provided the present ranking:. 1.SIT.Bhubaneswar.. 2.NIST,Berhampur.. 3.CVRCE,Bhubaneswar.. 4.OEC,Bhubaneswar.. 5.NM Institute of Engineering & Technology,Bhubaneswar.. 6.KEC,Bhubaneswar.. 7.GITA,Bhubaneswar.. 8. (MORE)

Best campus placements in engineering college of orissa?

NMIET reported as the first college under BPUT,orissa to provide 100% placement in its very first year.... specially for computer science dept..placements from reputed MNCs.. like Microsoft(In campus, accenture(in campus)..and many more.... nmiet receored as the best college according to the ca (MORE)

What is the best type of flute for a beginner who wants to learn?

As a musician, I would recommend one of the Yamaha Student modelflutes. Beautiful sound, beautiful instruments, but stillaffordable-Caitlin The Gemeinhardt 2SP is also a wonderful-andfairly inexpensive-flute for a beginner. Avoid "open hole" modelsas they are much more difficult to control! And re (MORE)

Afamous player of the flute?

jethro tull... he has a different style but idk how famous of a flautist your looking for but heres a few.... . Omar Faruk Tekbilek . Michael Atkinson . Julia Ferriaolo . Richard Adeney . Caitlin Flanagan . India Arie . Julius Baker . Jeanne Baxtresser . Atarah Ben-Tovim . Sharon Bezaly

Who is the best panpipes or pan flute player in the world?

Gheorghe Zamfir is, by far, the most widely celebrated Pan flute player in the world. Although he hails from Romania, he is now a citizen of Switzerland. He has enormous scope in his ability to play virtually any piece playable on the flute, whether sombre soothing tones or virtuosic; he can pit (MORE)

Best place to use white flute?

In any area with alot of grass or a place where hard to get Pokemon like absol or trophius reside in. And by the way you can use the white flute unlimited times.

Where is Orissa?

Orissa is in the Eastern Part of India, Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, West Bengal and Bay of Bengal.

Flute famous flute player of India?

Pannalal Ghosh is one of the most legendary Indian musicians to ever play the flute. Also, Rajat Prasanna is a notable current Indian flute player.

What is the best flute you can get?

Handmade flutes are the most expensive. Generally, one should consider golden flutes with open holes, an inline G, C# trill, split E, B foot joing, springs of white gold.

What is the best flute for professionals?

Gemeinhardt. 100% Gemeinhardt. I would say a professional model Gemeinhardt flute. Edit: Gemeinhardts are arguably the least reliable instruments in the flute industry. A repairman I know only uses them when doing demonstrations (tearing apart and reassembly). Best brands available are Muramatsu, (MORE)

Who was the flute player in Beatles movie HELP?

The actor who portrayed the flute player in Help! was Bruce Lacey. In the script, his role was called "Lawnmower", as he is also seen trimming George's "lawn" carpet with toy false teeth.

How are flute players placed?

Depends on what you're trying out for. In one school band I was in, the director pretty much placed us based on how much he liked us; my current school band places us by wherever we wanna sit on concert night. In a higher-level youth orchestra or band, you'll get placed by how you perform in an audi (MORE)

What is a good secondary instrument for a flute player?

If you are looking for a second instrument to learnt to play and you started on flute, it really depends on what you want. If you feel like confusing yourself, try an instrument in bass clef. If you are looking for something relatively easy to learn, try and instrument on treble clef, like clarinet (MORE)