Who is best flute player in orissa?

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I think its Sameer Rao. He is one of the disciple of Hariprasad chaurasia. Hariprasadji's one of gurukul is in bhubaneswar which is currently handled by Sameer Rao.
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Who is the best flute player in the world?

Ian Anderson is perhaps the world's best-known flute player, having popularized flute playing in the rock band Jethro Tull. In terms of classical music, Sir James Galway is wi

What is the best flute brand?

Personally, I have always been a big fan of the Gemeinhardt. They have really nice beginner flute, french flutes which are open holed, professional and even beautiful piccolos

Who are the best flute players in the world?

Sir James Galway is one of the best. He was one of the first flute players to have a career as a soloist, although he did play in an orchestra for a decade and a half. His car

Which model of wagon R is best for orissa?

Any of the wagon R model will be fine, but i suggest you go for LXI Metallic and bargain for accessories. I got Remote Central locking, teflon coating, wheel caps, body cover,

Best engineering colleges in orissa top 20?

TOP ENGINEERING COLLEGES UNDER BPUT Its admission time.There are lot of students who are either misguided or have the lack of proper info about engineering colleges under BP

The best college engineering in Orissa?

Info about engineering colleges under BPUT University.So here is what i personally think a student should keep in mind while taking admission in an engineering college: Th

Best ranking colleges in orissa?

According to the latest survey by the BSU(a state government enterprise),it has provided the present ranking:. 1.SIT.Bhubaneswar.. 2.NIST,Berhampur.. 3.CVRCE,Bhubaneswar..

Best campus placements in engineering college of orissa?

NMIET reported as the first college under BPUT,orissa to provide 100% placement in its very first year.... specially for computer science dept..placements from reputed MNCs.

Who is the best panpipes or pan flute player in the world?

Gheorghe Zamfir is, by far, the most widely celebrated Pan flute player in the world. Although he hails from Romania, he is now a citizen of Switzerland. He has enormous s
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Where is Orissa?

Orissa is in the Eastern Part of India, Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, West Bengal and Bay of Bengal.
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Flute famous flute player of India?

Pannalal Ghosh is one of the most legendary Indian musicians to ever play the flute. Also, Rajat Prasanna is a notable current Indian flute player.
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What is the best flute you can get?

Handmade flutes are the most expensive. Generally, one should consider golden flutes with open holes, an inline G, C# trill, split E, B foot joing, springs of white gold.