Who is boots off flavor of love pregnant by?

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Who won flavor of love?

In the first flavor of love, hoopz won but after using flavor for his money only, a second flavor of love took place which was won by delicious. After troubles with that realtionship, now more women have been brought to compete for flavor's love in another season.

What is the Flavor of Love?

Answer . its a dating tv show.. it comes on MTV, basically its bout this guy called "FLAVA FLAV" n he is living with loads of girls who have to complete tasks to win his heart.. 1 girl get eliminated every week.. it over now tho..

Why is flavor flav doing flavor of love 3?

For the money, he broke Deelishis' heart my breaking up with her over the phone and never calling her again. He already has a relationship with his most recent baby mother, and is just doing this show to try to remain in the "limelight" and for the big time money VH1 gives him for doing the show.. (MORE)

Who going to win on flavor of love 3?

Black, aka Candace cabrera. Think im lying my father does security at the mansion, (which by the way is flavs and go to you tube and type in who wins flavor of love season 3. She a model people. that show is a talent scout he ain't looking for love.)

What is New York from flavor of love?

New york is a woman (who is crazy btw) form the reality tv show Flavor of love.. If your not familair with Flavor of love, its a show where a bunch of women live in his mansion and date him one at a time and then he picks the final women to "spend the rest of his life with". In flavor of love 1 & (MORE)

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What opinions about the girls on The Flavor of Love season 2?

"Deelishis has a lot of junk in her trunk!"x900. "Buckeey has a lot of junk in her trunk!"x903. "Bootz is the sexiest one on the show!"x785. "Buckeey is the second sexiest one on the show!"x890. "Krazy was only there for her singing career."x9867. "New York was the craziest and most psycho one! (MORE)

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Why did Bootz Vs Buckeey Fight From Flavor Of Love?

This is what happened: It was at a club and next thing you know youhear cussing screaming and all of that and a big crowd around itand it was Bootz and Buckeey. They threw their drinks on each otherand Buckeey swung at Boots, which started the fight.

Who stars in the Flavor of Love television series?

Flavor of Love, which has been running since 2006 has a main host and a number of subsidiary characters. The main character is Flavor Flav, who hosts the show and plays himself. Frequent appearances were also made be Dion Graham and Tiffany Pollard, who also played themselves.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Flavor of Love - 2006?

The cast of Flavor of Love - 2006 includes: Nicole Alexander as Hoopz Sommore as herself Kaine as himself Renee Austin as H-Town Lloyd Banks as himself Skye Barrett as Story Time kid Larisa Bates as herself Brannon Bates as himself The Bishop Don Magic Juan as himself Thela Brown as Rain Jefandi Cat (MORE)