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a fictional character written by the author David Gerrold
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How rich was Solomon?

One answerIn the Bible at 2 Chronicles 9:13 it says that Soloman  had a basic yearly revenue of 666 Talents or 22,000 kilograms of  Gold. A talent weighed between 20 and 40

How old is Will Solomon?

Will Solomon is 38 years old (birthdate: July 20, 1978).

Who is Solomon grundy?

Solomon Grundy was a DC comics character based on a nursery rhyme Born on a Monday Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednsday Took ill on Thursday Grew worse on Friday Died on

Where was king Solomon from?

King Solomon was from the Royal Line of David, meaning David and Goliath, after David killed Goliath, the people of Israel made him king. David was a great king and followed T

What is Solomon Islands?

  The Solomon Islands are a group of islands located North East of Australia in the Solomon Sea. They Sit at approximately 9deg 38min 54sec south latitude and 160deg 10min

What did Solomon do?

Solomon built a temple for god and wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. He composed 3,000 parables, and 1,005 poems. He also had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In order to form al

Where is the Song of Solomon?

  After Ecclesiastes and before Isaiah. In some Bibles it is called "Song of Songs" instead of "Song of Solomon."

Was Solomon a prophet?

Well a prophet is someone who God spoke to such as Moses, Gideon, David, and Elijah. And God spoke to Solomon so he is a prophet. A female prophet is a prophetess, Miriam the

Where did Solomon get his wisdom?

A:The defining legend of Solomon was his great wisdom, which the Bible says was given to him by God. If there really was a King Solomon, the Bible says that he was the wisest

Who was Solomon?

  Solomon was the son of David according to the bible.

Who is Solomon?

(Sol′o‧mon) [from a root meaning "peace"].   Son of King David of the line of Judah; king of Israel from 1037 to  998 B.C.E. The Bible record, after reporting the dea

Who is Solomon Saprid?

Solomon Saprid was a modern Philippine sculptor. He was known for  his working with different types of bronze and scrap metals.

Where was Solomon born?

  Solomon was born in Jerusalem:-   1Ch 14:3 And David took more wives at Jerusalem: and David begat more sons and daughters. 1Ch 14:4 Now these are the names of his