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a fictional character written by the author David Gerrold
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Who is Solomon?

(Sol′o‧mon) [from a root meaning "peace"]. Son of King David of the line of Judah; king of Israel from 1037 to998 B.C.E. The Bible record, after reporting the death

Who was Solomon?

Solomon was the son of David according to the bible.

What did Solomon do?

Solomon built a temple for god and wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. He composed 3,000 parables, and 1,005 poems. He also had 700 wives and 300 concubines. In order to form a

Was Solomon wise?

yes king Solomon was wise because in the bible it says he was very smart and wise because God gave Solomon three wishes and one of them was to be wise Jake Solomon is no

Where did Solomon get his wisdom?

A: The defining legend of Solomon was his great wisdom, which the Bible says was given to him by God. If there really was a King Solomon, the Bible says that he was the wises

Why was Solomon famous?

he was the wisest king and he built the temple to the Lord.

What is the Solomon scandal?

The phrase could refer to, among other scandals, the Salomon Brothers scandal in which fraudulent trading of treasury bonds occurred. Martin Mayer has written about the bond s

What was Solomon religion?

It was Islam. Islam means full submission to God. All God creations in the universe were created on the belief of Islam. Only humankind when created were honored by the freedo

Who is Solomon grundy?

Solomon Grundy was a DC comics character based on a nursery rhyme Born on a Monday Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednsday Took ill on Thursday Grew worse on Friday Died on

Does Solomon come from the Solomon islands?

If you mean the Old Testament Solomon, then no. The Solomon Islands are in the southwestern Pacific, many thousands of miles from the biblical lands. The first European to
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Who is solomon for the Hebrews?

Solomon was the 3rd king of Israel, after King Saul and King David. King Solomon built the First Temple (1 Kings ch.6) and ruled over the Israelites at the height of their glo