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Who is the French mathematician who created exponents?

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His name was Edvard Larouge. He made up his exponent theory in 1863 when he had to keep multiplying the same numbers over and over agin because he was a banker.
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19th century French mathematician?

JosephAdhémar. PaulÉmile Appell. François Arago. LouisFrançois Antoine Arbogast. Jean-Robert Argand. Léon-François-Antoine Aurifeuille. LéonAutonne.

What mathematician created trigonometry?

Trigonometry goes back to ancient times. The first trigonometrictable is attributed to Hipparchus of Nicaea.

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Pascal's Triangle A triangle of numbers in which a row represents the coefficients of the binomial series. The triangle is bordered by ones on the right and left sides, and ea