Who is the charge of all charges of police station of the district?

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I'm thinking that you're asking "who is in charge of all of the police stations in the district?" The police chief. The hierarchy generally is as follows: there is normally a police chief, who is in charge of the entire police department. This includes all of the districts of that jurisdiction. The chief may run certain aspects of a police department while an assistant chief may run the other aspects of it, such as administration versus operations. An assistant chief of police may also be considered an inspector.

In a large city with several patrolling districts, there will be several police stations known as precincts, while in many cities of moderate size there may be only one or two police stations, known as districts. The main police station is known as headquarters. Police captains or majors often are in charge of each precinct or district. Lieutenants are often in charge of certain divisions of the police departments, such as the traffic, patrol, Detective, or other operations of that particular precinct. Sergeants and corporals are often in charge of a certain number of patrol officers or detectives in that district.
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