Who is the current president of French Polynesia?

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oscar tamaru is the current president of french polynesia
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What are problems french polynesia has?

In French Polynesia there is a lot of over fishing. In Melanesiathere is pollution and sanitary issues. In Micronesia pollution isI giant problem.
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Are there mountains in french polynesia?

Yes there are mountains in the French Polynesia. There are 186 mountains in total. They include Aiguille Nord and Mont Mokoto.
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Were is french polynesia?

the french polynesia is located in tahiti on the north part of french polynesia
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How long does a president in French Polynesia serve for?

The stipulated term is 5 years, but the President is not directlyelected in French Polynesia, which is a semi-autonomous overseascollectivity. The executive is chosen by, and