Who is the highest paid sitcom star in Hollywood?

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Charlie Sheen makes $800,000 for each episode of Two and a Half Men.
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Highest paid sports star?

\nIf you are including sponsors too it would be Tiger Woods and David Beckham. But just salary from the sport he/she plays it would be David Beckham who receives around $1mill

Who is the highest paid Hollywood actor or actress?

Highest paid actor:. Keanu Reeves....earned almost $200M for The Matrix series alone. In 2007, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie were the highest paid actresses. 1. R

Who is the highest paid WWE star?

The list for highest paid wrestler in WWE is been out by forbesblogger, for the year 2011 according to which, NET WORTH : $30 million. 2011 Earning According to Forbes