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Who is the pregnant lady in D'Angelo video lady?

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She is Joi Gilliam
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How a lady pregnant?

A female becomes pregnant when a male injects his sperm(dick) into her vagina. In which fertilized the females egg's= in which, she becomes pregnant!

In which video is Lady Gaga nude?

Lady Gaga was nude in her music video for her song "Love Game" although no body parts are shown, she is in fact naked. Lady GaGa is also nude in the music video for "Bad Rom

Which lady sovereign video had the hamsters in it?

The hamsters in that video, is her single, Love Me or Hate Me (F*** You). The song comes in three versions. The normal (explicit) verison, the clean version, and the clean rem

What is Lady Gaga's best video?

i think lady gags best video is just dance, poker face, and eh eh (nothing else i can say) because they are not bad like the other lady gaga music not really lady gagas best

What is the lady gaga alejandro video about?

The Alejandro vsong is about how a girl loves a man so much that she is good turned bad. Yet, the video is chaste gone bad, which is blasphemous to some viewers.

What is lady gaga's wierdest video?

Most people say her Telephone video, but I understand it 'cause I looked it up. Hmm... other extremely weird videos of hers are her Bad Romance video and Born This Way. Juda