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In Ukraine
The prime minister of Ukraine is Mykola Yanovych Azarov, who assumed office on 11 March 2010.
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What is the capital of Ukraine?

Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine, is one of the oldest cities ofEastern Europe, having been founded, according to legend, in 462AD. It is situated on the right and the left banks of the riverDnipro (Dnieper) and its current population is 2.5 million people. Historically, other cities have served (MORE)

Where is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east,Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, andthe Black Sea to the south. On that map it is in the right middle. It is the largest country in Europe not including Russia becausethe most of the Russia is located (MORE)

What is the population of Ukraine?

In 2001, the Census revealed that Ukraine had a population of 48,457,102. A 2010 estimate shows that the population is around 45,888,000.

Why did Ukraine get its name?

The http://www.answers.com/topic/ukrainian-language word Ukrayina stems from the http://www.answers.com/topic/proto-slavic-language root kraj- , a homonym meaning "edge" or "borderland" as well as "land", "region", "country" (see main article). In particular, in Ukrainian krayina means simp (MORE)

Is Ukraine a republic?

According to the CIA website, Ukraine is a republic. Although Ukraine does have a history of corruption which makes democracy questionable in Ukraine.

What does Ukraine import?

The Ukraine imports several items from other countries. Some ofthese are chemicals, motor vehicles, other transportationequipment, textiles, and minerals.

Where is Ukraine Located?

Ukraine is a former Soviet republic, now an independent country, SW of Russia and also bordering on (amongst others) Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania It is adjacent to the most western and southern part of Russia.

What are facts about Ukraine?

It's capital is Kiev, it is North from the Black Sea, and it is next to Poland and Russia. Ukraine, with a population of roughly 44,573,205 people, is acountry located in Eastern Europe. Ukrainian is the country'sofficial language, and it has 18 recognized languages in total.Kiev is Ukraine's capita (MORE)

How big is Ukraine?

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe not including Russia because the bigger part of it is actually in Asia. Approximately the area of Ukraine is 600,000 square miles, the population is not so big though - nearly 46,000,000 and it's decreasing. Over 10 miles

What does Ukraine export?

Weapons, metal, grain. Ukraine produces nearly all types of transportation vehicles and spacecraft. Antonov airplanes and KraZ trucks are exported to many countries. The majority of Ukrainian exports are marketed to the European Union and CIS. Since independence, Ukraine has maintained its own space (MORE)

What does Ukraine mean?

There is disagreement about the meaning of the name "Ukraine." Some say it means "on the edge," as "kray" means edge, but that would actually be O-krayinah not U-krayinah. The word "krayinah" means country/nation, and the name could simply mean "the country.".

When was Ukraine founded?

In 1917: formed the Ukrainian National Republic. Ukraine, as an independent state, starts from August 24, 1991.

What is the climate in Ukraine?

winters - long and cold summers - short and hot plenty of rain Crimean coast - temperatures are between 17 to 35 degrees F (-8 to 2 degrees C) Inland temperatures are 64 to 81 degrees F (18 to 27 degrees C)

Is there an airport in Ukraine?

Airport names show in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines. ( Wikipedia ).. CITY ICAO IATA AIRPORT USAGE RUNWAY(S) . Civil airports Berdyansk UKDB ERD Berdyansk Airport Public 09/27, 2500m, Concrete Bila Tserkva UKBC* Public Cherkasy UKKE (MORE)

What happened in Ukraine?

If you mean what happened it 1986 it was the Chernobyl nuclearplant that exploded during the night torwards 10 pm people Rescuecrews in hazmats rushed to put out the fires the large next toChernobyl PRIPAT with approximately 50,000 people where with thegas most died and some survived dying later on (MORE)

Where is ukrain?

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country on the European continent, after Russia.

What does Ukraine produce?

They are the world's largest producer for sunflower oil. They are also a major global producer of grain and sugar.They also produce cast iron,steel and pipes.

What are the toys from Ukraine?

Huddler's Green Home Toys - Baby toys and preschool toys made from organic cotton, ... Uganda, Ukraine , United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Why is Ukraine a ledc?

Ukraine is a less economically developed country (LEDC). Since itsseparation from the Soviet Union, it has struggled to reach firstworld status.

Who is the president of ukraine?

Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych was the last official President of Ukraine. Oleksandr Valentynovych Turchynov is the current Acting President of Ukraine. Yanukovych became the 4th President of Ukraine on 2010 February 25. Born in 1950, he first became a politician in 1996 when he was appointe (MORE)

Why did Ukraine used to be called the Ukraine?

Some people used to refer to it as such, and some still do, butthis is linguistically wrong. The name of the country is simplyUkraine. So it is grammatically right to write 'Ukraine' not 'the Ukraine.' Using "the" is a holdover from when Ukraine was under Russiandomination. Both the czars and the S (MORE)

When is Easter in Ukraine?

The Ukraine will celebrate it on 24th of April in 2011. . It is to be celebrated on March 31st in 2013.

What is the peninsula in Ukraine?

The largest peninsula in Ukraine is the Crimean peninsula or simply the Crimea. It is a well-known resort. There are also a number of small peninsulas.

What is the altitude in Ukraine?

try this he highest altitude in Ukraine is mountain Goverla (2061 meters) in the Carpathians. The maximum altitude at the Crimean's is the Roman-kosh (1545 meters). I

If you marry in Ukraine can you stay in Ukraine?

From living in Ukraine for 10 years, no one will stop you living in Ukraine, if you are a citizen of different country you might have trouble coming back if you stay for too long though. Ukraine does not officially recognize dual-citizenship, but neither will Ukraine take away your citizenship (MORE)

What rhymes with Ukraine?

Spain Pain Campaign Abstain Champagne Chow Mein Brain Main Drain Feign Lane Reign Vein Wain Cane Terrain Plane Chain Domain Contain Complain Insane Rain Gain Inhumane Entertain

Why is ukraine called ukraine?

Ukraine in a translation to an Ukrainian language is "in country". For someone who knows: У Кра!!на. (ukraina) u- in, kraina- country. Make sense.

Is Ukraine is rusia?

no. it's an independent country. it used to be in the USSR together with Russia and other countries

Where is Ukraine and Turkey?

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, in between Russia (to the east of Ukraine) and Poland (to the west of Ukraine). South of Belarus. North of Moldova and Romania. Ukraine is also north of the Black Sea. Bordering countries: Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland Turkey is e (MORE)

What is Ukraine nationality?

Citizenship in Ukraine is recognized as Ukraine nationality internationally speaking. Ethnically speaking, the Ukrainians are an Eastern Slavic ethnic group that are maybe 70% of the population there. The rest are ethnically Russian or Tatar or Polish but they hold Ukraine citizenship.

Is there a desert in Ukraine?

Ukraine is mostly fertile grass, but there is one small desert. Itis the eastern Ukrainian desert. It is in the Kharkivs'ka oblast. Oleshky Sands is the largest expanse of sand in Ukraine. It issometimes called a desert but receives too much precipitation to beclassified as a true desert.

How can you get to Ukraine?

You can walk, run or swim, better ask them first though. Just a word of warning watch your back as you will probably get shot. It has been nice answering your question and I hope you have enjoyed your life.

How was Ukraine formed?

1. Guy walks down street 2. Guy sees building sight 3. Guy looks at a crane 4. Guy points at crane and says 'u crane' 5. Ukraine is born.

What are the neighbors of Ukraine?

The Russian Federation , Republic of Belarus, Republic of Poland, Slovak Republic, Republic of Hungary, Romania, Republic of Moldova, and don't forget the mostly unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

What is a liter in Ukraine?

A litre (or liter) is 1000 ml anywhere in the world. The Ukrainian word is літер, pronounced "lyi-ter."

Are there deserts in Ukraine?

Oleshky Sands is the largest expanse of sand in Ukraine. It issometimes called a desert but receives too much precipitation to beclassified as a true desert.

Does Ukraine have hurricanes?

No. Hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water. The Black Sea, the only major body of water near Ukraine, is too small and too cold to support the formation of a hurricane.

Is Japan in Ukraine?

No . Japan is a separate country (island) just east off the Asian mainland; Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe.

What is it like in Ukraine?

im ukrainian its all seasonal there people are very homey they will take you in also we will make you eat and atea very sweet even if you met someone 5 min ago you will feel like you known them for along time time great convertationalists im going to stop talking now like i said great convertational (MORE)

Who are Ukraine enemies?

In a formal sense, the Ukraine has no enemies. But the eastern partof the country has a lot of inhabitants of Russian descent and mostof its all-powerful industrialists there have close connexions toRussia. Russia uses that situation to support pro-Russianseparatist movements that today control a la (MORE)