Who played baby chris perry halliwell?

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Holly Marie Combs son(Piper) Riley Edward Donoho played baby chris i am pretty sure.

***Actually, while IDK who played baby Chris most of the time I DO know that Riley never did but her son Finley did appear once as baby Chris. hollymariecombs.info/finley_fun_facts.html Also, while I haven't been able to verify this as of yet (but if I do I will update and LYK) I've read on many sites that in Season 8 it was actually a set of twin GIRLS that played baby Chris and while the "girl" part may/may not be true it makes sense that it was in fact a set of twins for the same reason a set of twins played Wyatt. I believe it is law that child roles until a certain age be played by twins to make sure neither child is "over-worked" but if it isn't actually law it certainly is very common; I assume to cover the network/producers and ensure they don't log one minute too long as hours "worked" by the baby as there are serious fines and consequences for doing so as it is considered a violation of child labor laws. Hope this info helps!! :-)
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Who plays baby chris in charmed?

Riley Edward Combs (Holly Marie Combs son, who is Piper) played baby chris *Actually, Baby Chris was born on November 16, 2004 and Riley Edward Combs was born on October 26

Who plays baby chris in season 8 of charmed?

Since Holly Marie Combs was pregnant when Piper became pregnant with Chris the babies were about the same age so for a while Holly's son Finely p[layed Chris in season eight.

How does Phoebe find out who Chris Halliwell really is?

Phoebe finds out about Chris after going on a spirit quest & finding out Wyatt will have a brother. When she comes out of the quest future Chris is there saying the same thing