Who plays Casey from life with Derek?

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Her real name is "Ashley Leggat". But she plays a character named "Casey McDonald"!
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When will there be a Life With Derek movie?

As of October 2009, Disney currently made a Life With Derek Movie that premiered on December 12, 2010, and will be filmed this summer in Toronto, Canada. The movie is called "Vacation with Derek". The movie starred the "Life with Derek" cast, of course, but also as a surprise, So You Think You C (MORE)

Are Casey and Derek going to date in Life with Derek?

I don't think they will on the show since it is a children's type of show and it would probably be classified as incest or something. Keep in mind that it is not incest since there is no blood relation between the two. The type of relationship they have does give reason to believe that the pair has (MORE)

Derek Jeter play for?

derek jeter frist played for the brooklyn doogers now he plays for the new york yankees

Who is the boyfriend of Casey in Life with Derek?

Well, her first boyfriend was Sam, Derek's best friend. Her second boyfriend was Max, a popular guy who goes to her school. And now, she has no boyfriend currently since she and Max broke up. Yeah but then she and Derek kiss! And in a video on YouTube she said tht she is his girlfriend.

Where is life with Derek filmed?

Life With Derek was filmed in two different locations in Canada.These were Newfoundland and Labrador and in Toronto, Ontario.

Is Living Life with Derek available on DVD?

According to a recent article from Global License!, DVD for the Disney TV show 'Life with Derek' will be available in fall 2008. Here is a copy of their article dated April 8 2008:. "" Shaftesbury Films' live-action comedy television series "Life with Derek" is headed to DVD in North America in the (MORE)

Who were Derek Jeter's influences early in life?

Derek has always stated that his parents and specifically his father Dr. Charles Jeter was a big influence on him as a child. Charles is a substance abuse counselor, and Derek saw at a young age where drugs could eventually lead a person.

Life With Derek?

life withDerek is a show with Hannah Montana . life with Derek is a show with Hannah Montanan . life with Derek is a show with Hannah Montana . life with Derek is a show with Hannah Montana . Huh? I'm someone else and that's not what life with Derek is. It is a Canadian show that shows in Family (MORE)

Will Casey and Derek kiss in Life with Derek?

i hope they do but there one thing they are brother and sister in the shows. i hope they will kiss duh they r bro & sis ya they will look cute together so kiss casey no tht is disgusting... kissing ur brother!!! :P Since they're not blood related, it's possible that the script writers and (MORE)

Is there proof of a Life with Derek movie?

Michael Seater who plays Derek Venturi in the series recently announced at the 2009 MMVA awards that this coming fall he will begin work on the Life With Derek Movie titled 'Vacation With Derek'. It is said to premier in 2011.. Also on the first real competition episode of So You Think You Can Danc (MORE)

What are the casts for Life with Derek?

Main Cast: Ashley Leggat-Casey Michael Seater-Derek Jordan Todosey-Liz Daniel Madger-Edwin Ariel Waller-Marti Joy Tanner-Nora John Ralston-George Friends: Shadia Simmons-Emily William Greenblatt-Sheldon Kit Weyman:Sam Shane Kippel: Ralph The Rest: Robbie Amell-Max Ada (MORE)

Who is Beth in Life With Derek?

After Casey was fired from Smelly Nellies, BETH was hired.She and Derek apparently dated for 3 days. We aren't sure what exactly happened to her,but her best friend Sally replaced her. Beth was never In any episodes,just mentioned in When Derek met Sally.

Where does life with derek take place?

The first season of Life with Derek was taped in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador [2] . The second season was taped in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Is life with Derek going to have episodes new?

It depends where you are. In Canada. they will start airing season four in September. There are new episodes showing on Disney Channel now. If you live in Canada and want to see the episodes now, look up JesterDalaForDasey on youtube.

What happened at the end of life with Derek?

Derek and Casey graduate from high school and get admission in the same college in Queens. Derek hooks up with Emily and Casey gets back with Truman and Nora announces she is pregnant. This is the conclusion from the episode aired on March 25th 2009 in Disney Channel.

What are the lyrics to your my life my derek cate?

You're all that I want, you're all that I need, you're my everything, you're all that I dream Here I go again, spreading my words to this world about my best friend, I love it when I look in your eyes, girl you know that you're my prized possesion, time means so many lessons, everyday I'm obse (MORE)

Did Derek Jeter play in minors?

No... He played in Pee-wee but not minors. Then picked up baseball again in Pony League. Yes he played for four teams in the minors. The only team i know of is the Greensboro hornets back int 1992

Why did life with Derek end?

The young adult sitcom "Life With Derek" ended because it did notget the ratings it had expected. Actor Michael Seater played Derekon the show.

On Life with Derek has Casey and Derek kissed?

Well her name was not Casey but in one of the episodes the carecther who plays Casey dressed up as her cousin and at the end of the episode Derek and the cousin were sitting at a table making out.

Does Derek have a life?

It depends what you mean about that. There is a series called Life With Derek. Also, if you mean that there is this boy named Derek that doesn't seem very popular, then yes, popular people would say Derek needs to get a life. Really, every single person on the planet has a life because living is als (MORE)

On life with derek how many seasons are there?

theres either 3 or four because i watch life with derek every night but not saturdays and Sundays and last night it was the graduation epsidoe and she says to derek or someone its been a good three years or somthing so yeah:0 i love that show:)wait yeah i think theres four:)

How old are the cast of life derek?

Derek- 22 years old. He was born January 15, 1987.. Casey- 22 years old. She was born September 26,1986.. Lizzie- 14 years old. She was born February 8,1995.. Edwin- 17 years old. He was born December 12,1991.. Marti- 11 years old. She was born in 1998.. Nora- 43 years old. She was born March 7 (MORE)

Did casey get pregnant on life with Derek?

No she didn't. She almost did,but no she droped the show after they stoped playing it in america but there is reruins that go on just not in america,but other than that no

In life with derek are they on season 6?

They are currently filming season 5 Summary of the season = The Baby has finally arrived George , Nora and the family are so excited meanwhile Casey and Derek are getting ready for university at the same time Edwin and Lizzie are setting up for high school , Derek breaks up with Emily for a univers (MORE)

Will there be a season 5 of life with Derek?

Yes!! Season 5 started on January 1, 2010 of Life With Derek, and it was great, the episode was called: The Baby, and the production number is 501, and Season 5 ended on September 24, 2010. But not just Season 5, the whole series ended on September 24, 2010.

When did life with derek end?

Life With Derek ended on September 24, 2010. Plus they made a movie, which came out on December 12, 2010. Then they are done. There might be another movie down the road, maybe in 2011 or 2012. But they are done with the show, and the first movie they made. 'Vacation With Derek''.

Does derek like casey in life with derek?

A lot of older fans want Derek and Casey to get together. The creator of the show (Daphne Ballon) has said that they do not like each other, and will never get together or become a couple. So no.,Derek does not like Casey.

Does Disney still play life with derek?

no because they suck monkey butt that's why i stopped watching Disney channel because they took off all my favorite shows such as life with derek,bug on Maggie,anddave the barberian.

Did Katniss play un a show called this is life with derek?

No, Jennifer Lawrence (the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games movie) has never been on the show "This is Life with Derek" that she was credited with. She may have been on it, but if she was, she was never recognized as a character.

Who are the actors who play in Life with Derek?

A number of actors play in the Life with Derek series. The main characters are played by Ashley Leggat and Michael Seater. Ashley plays the part of Casey MacDonald and Michael plays the part of Derek Venturi.