Who plays Richard castle in the tv show castle?

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Richard Castle is played by Nathan Fillion.
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What are the names of the cast for the tv show castle?

Rick Castle~Nathan Fillion Kate Beckett~Stana Katic Alexis Castle~Molly Quinn Jaiver Esposito~Jon Huertas Kevin Ryan~Seamus Dever Laine Parish~Tamala Jones Martha Rodgers~Susan Sullivan Roy Montgomery~Ruban Santiago-Hudson

Where can one watch the TV show Castle?

The official Website to watch Castle is ABC's Website. Other Websites might not have the copyright permissions to stream episodes of Castle, and therefore might not be legal to view.

Who plays the character Richard Castle in the TV series Castle?

Richard Castle, the fictional character in the television series "Castle", is a wealthy mystery novelist who helps the NYPD solve crimes. He is played by Canadian actor Nathan Fillion, who has also acted in shows like Firefly and films like Waitress.

What movie and television projects has Richard Castle been in?

Richard Castle has: Played Billy in "Man Against Crime" in 1949. Played Kenny Marsh in "The Cisco Kid" in 1950. Played Dan in "The Cisco Kid" in 1950. Played Skids Radzevich in "Six Bridges to Cross" in 1955. Played Kovak in "To Hell and Back" in 1955. Played Herbie in "Running Wild" in 1955. Performed in "Ben Casey" in 1961.

Are new episodes of the TV show Castle being made?

The eighth season was scheduled to premiere on September 21, 2015. The series "Castle" (2009) stars Nathan Fillion ( Firefly )and Stana Katic. It has been in syndication on TNT since 2011 andin multiple syndication since 2012.