Who ran faster than horses in the Bible?

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Elijah - see 1Kings 18:46
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Is a horse faster than a giraffe?

yes because if the giraffe tries to run too fast the giraffe will trip on it's own legs and when it gets get back up the horse would already won by now

Is rabbit faster than horse?

an 80lb rabbit can run 200 mph. an average 2 lb horse can only gallop at the speed of half and half.
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Is a crocodile faster than a horse?

Not on land, maybe in water. However, as far as starting time is concerned, a crocodile has a much faster reaction "start" time than a horse does.
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Are bulls faster than horses?

That just depends on the situation. In a race, a horse is, without doubt, faster. But when cornered in a corral, both can be just as fast as the other in terms of reaction tim
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Should you say the horse ran faster or the horse ran fastest?

Both could be used in different situations: The horse ran fastest of all the horses in the race. The horse ran faster than all of the other horses. When the man, the horse