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Who was Sara's handmaid in the Bible?

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What does the handmaid of the Lord mean?

This refers to Mary's willingness to serve almighty God by bearing Jesus Christ in her womb. She was indicating by this statement that she was willing to undergo this task, w

What did they eat in the handmaids tale?

In Handmaid's Tale the main characters basically ate the same food that we eat today. However, the handmaid's eat a lot more healthy. From reading, the handmaid's do not eat a

Mental torture on the handmaids tale?

When we glimpse the society it is still fairly new. The women that become handmaid's must undergo mind-control. Some of the handmaid's lose who they really are. That is why th

Why do econwives hate the handmaids?

Handmaids wear red and their job is to get pregnant. The econowives on the other hand are both marthas and handmaids. They do all the house cleaning and they have to get pre

What function do handmaids serve in the book handmaids tail?

According to others in the society, handmaid's have one purpose, to make babies. They are vessels. That is why they are not allowed to have any superfluous objects such as lot