Who was Zeus 1st wife?

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Metis was Zeus's first wife in some myths. But mostly in the original myths, Hera was Zeus's first wife.
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Who were the wifes of Zeus?

The stories of Zeus' number of Wives are quite confusing. But some agrees with this kind of order. 1st: Metis 2nd: Themis 3rd: Hera But in some counterpart, or mostly origin

What was Zeus' wife the goddess of love?

No: the goddess of love was Aphrodite, according to differing myths she was daughter in law by her marriage to Hephaestus, his great aunt by being born of Ouranus's blood: and

Who was Zeus first wife'?

Zeus's first and only wife is Hera. The others were all "affairs" and do not constitute as being married.

What is the story of Zeus eating his wife?

Zeus met a beautiful women named Metis who stole his heart. The last year they were together Metis was pregnant with a baby boy but Zeus was worried that the new baby would ta
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Did Zeus have any other wifes?

NO,but he had girlfriends. Alot to be exact, Hera and Zues used to have alot of fights. One time Hera was coming over to the temple when Zues and his girlfriends were talking,
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How did Zeus get Hera to be his wife?

Hera did not want to marry Zeus, but Zeus changed himself into abird, and then made storms rage over him so then Hera felt pity onthe bird into her hands. Then Zeus changed an
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Who was Zeus' wife and sister?

Athena was both Zeus' wife and daughter. Zeus' wife was Hera and Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon were his brothers and sisters.