Who was the 1st pitcher to defeat all 30 major league teams?

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Al Leiter was the first to defeat all thirty. G.
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What are all the Major League Baseball teams?

New York Yankees,Texas Rangers,Baltimore Orioles,Boston Red Sox,Minnesota Twins,Los Angeles Angels,Detroit Tigers,Kansas City Royals,Tampa Bay Rays,Seattle Maniners,Oakland At

What are the names of the 30 major league baseball teams?

1. Red Sox. 2. White Sox. 3. Reds. 4. Mets. 5. Yankees. 6. Dodgers. 7. Giants. 8. Braves. 9. Angels. 10. Nationals. 11. Blue Jays. 12. Phillies. 13. Marlins. 14.

Can you name all 30 Major League Baseball teams?

National League West: Colorado Rockies,Arizona Dimondbacks,San Francisco Giants,Los Angeles Dodgers,San Deigo Padres . National League Central: Houston Astros, St.Louis Car

All Major League Baseball team?

There are a total of 30 teams in Major League Baseball. 14 play in the American League (AL) while 16 are in the National League (NL) AL East: Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox

All Major League Baseball teams?

Arizona Diamondbacks . Atlanta Braves . Baltimore Orioles . Boston Red Sox . Chicago White Sox . Chicago Cubs . Cincinnati Reds . Cleveland Indians . Colorado Rockies

What is the all time major league team?

- Ever since the modern era began in 1901, the best team in 110+ years is the New York Yankees (American League). There are several great dynasties other than the Yankees. Fo