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It is unknown but recipes for the dish date back at least to the 1940s. It dates back to 1935. There is probably no Joe after it is named, but its messy appearance and tendency to drip off plate or roll makes "sloppy" an adequate description, and "Joe" is a name that would suggest, to an American, a person of proletarian character and unassailable genuineness, similar to how having a cup of 'joe' referred to coffee.
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Where did the sloppy joe get its name?

Answer . One legend suggests that it was named after a Green Bay Packer team member Joe Krzrwinski ... aka "Sloppy", a nickname given to him for his sloppy play on the fiel

How do you make sloppy joe?

You fry one pound meat then you add one cup ketchup, one cup tomato juice, and a pack of sloppy joe seasoning

What is a sloppy joe?

A sloppy joe is a messy sandwhich with meat and various vegtables, other times, more food can be added to the sandwhich. It is often served with several napkins, to make sure

Who invented Sloppy Joes?

It was invented by a cook in Sioux City, Iowa named Joe, hence the name "Sloppy Joe". He came up with a recipe for a loose meat sandwich which later became the Sloppy Joe.

Where did sloppy joes get their name?

The "Sloppy Joe" gets its name from the restaurant where it was created, Sloppy Joe's Bar, located in Key West Florida, not from the suggestion that is messy to eat. How messy

Where and when did the term 'sloppy joe' originate?

It came from a loving mothers kitchen to provide healthy quick meals to her staring brood of children!! no offense but i think you meant alot starving of children to feed im g

Are sloppy joes healthy?

Depends on how its made: If you are using salty packages for taste then it takes away from how healthy it is. Make sure you use lean meat. If you cannot then make sure to dr
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What is sloppy person?

Me:)vI am clean and work hard and play.vvho cares if everything is just soso life is to short