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Who were Mother Teresa's parents?

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Mother's name - Drandofile Bojaxhiu

Father's name - Nikolle Bojaxhiu
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What were Mother Teresa's hobbies?

Mother Teresa's hobbies were caring for the poor and looking after  people. As a child she loved reading about the lives of the saints.

What was Mother Teresa's favorite color?

There is no recorded information of Mother Teresa having a favorite color, the saris that she chose to model her habit on are white with a blue stripe, which is probably for t

What was Mother Teresa's education?

As a child she was home schooled since girls were not allowed to  attend school in Albania. When she joined the Sisters of Loretto  she was sent to Ireland to learn English.

What were Mother Teresa's qualifications?

A:   Mother Teresa began her career as a teacher, and had no medical  qualifications. In fact one of her failings is that she simply did  not understand basic health car

What were Mother Teresa's strengths?

A:   Mother Teresa was a really great communicator who could bring in  vast sums in donations for the work she reported being done in  Calcutta. The Catholic Church soon

What were Mother Teresa's hobbies and interests?

Mother Teresa entered the Sisters of Loreto at a very young age and spent her life doing the Will of God - which was her ONLY interest. She did not have time nor energy for "h