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Who were Mother Teresa's parents?

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Mother's name - Drandofile Bojaxhiu

Father's name - Nikolle Bojaxhiu
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What were Mother Teresa's early years?

Teresa of Calcutta, M.C, the famous Mother Teresa was born the 26th  of August of 1910 in the town of Skopje, which today is the capital  of the Republic of Macedonia, the y

When did Mother Teresa's mother die?

Mother Theresa's father, Nikole, was murdered in either 1918 or  1919 (records are unclear) when she was 7-8 years old. The death of  her mother, Dranafile Bojaxhiu, is unce

Was Mother Teresa's mother a nun?

No, Mother Teresa's mother was a housewife. Nuns do not marry or have children.

Where did Mother Teresa's parents work?

Her father was an entrepreneur who sold various items as amerchant, especially medicines and medical items, and was also aconstruction contractor. He also was active in local